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« rding radio and T.V. interference. 4.Keep combustible materials such as furniture, cush- ions, bedding, papers, clothes and curtains at least 90 cm (3 feet) from the heater. 5.Extreme caution is necessary when any heater is used by or near children. 6.Always unplug the heater when not in use. Do not pull at the flex when disconnecting it. 7.Do not cover! If covered, there is a risk of over- heating. 8.Do not use this heater in the immediate surroundings of a bath, a shower or a swimming pool. 9.This heater must not be located immediately below an electrical socket. 10.If the supply flex of this appliance is damaged it must only be replaced by a repair shop appointed by the manufacturer because special purpose tools are required. 11.Keep this heater clean. DO NOT allow objects to enter any ventilation or exhaust opening as this may cause electric shock, or fire or damage to the heater. OPERATION TO OPERATE THE HEATER: •Place the heater on a firm, level and open surface free from obstructions. DO NOT use on an unstable surface such as bedding or deep carpeting. •With the Power knob in the OFF () position, plug in the heater. •Turn the Thermostat control clockwise all the way to the HIGH () setting. •To operate the heater, push in the Power knob while turning it clockwise to the desired position (Figure 1). The power light will illuminate. Using this feature will help ensure that the heater can not be turned on accidentally. •When the room reaches a comfortable temperature, slowly turn the Thermostat control anticlockwise until the heater goes off. This is the point at which the Thermostat setting equals the room temperature. At this setting, the Thermostat will automatically turn the heater on and off to maintain this selected temperature. •Push in and turn the Power knob to OFF () and unplug the heater when you are finished using it. FAN OPERATION •Turn the Power knob to FAN () and turn the Thermostat knob to its highest setting to use the unit as an air circulator without heat. NOTE: PROLONGED USE OF THE FAN DURING THE SUMMER SEASON IS NOT ADVISABLE. SAFETY FEATURES •This heater has a caution light which indicates that parts of the heater are excessively hot. DO NOT operate the heater while the caution light is on, if the caution light goes on, turn the heater off immediately and make sure that no objects are on or touching the heater. If you find an obstruction, remove it and wait at least 10 minutes for the heater to cool before try- ing to restart it. If the caution light is still on, see war- ranty for instructions. TIP-OVER SWITCH •The heater is equipped with an automatic tip-over switch that will disable the heater if it is accidentally tipped over. IF YOUR HEATER FAILS TO OPERATE: •Check for and remove any obstructions, or if the heater has been tipped over, set it upright. Be sure it is plugged in and that the electrical socket is work- ing. •Make sure that the Thermostat is not set too low. With the Power knob set to a heat setting, turn the Thermostat up (clockwise) until the heater restarts. •If the heater still won’t start see warranty for instructions. CLEANING We recommend that the heater be cleaned at least once a month. •Turn the heater OFF () and unplug it. Allow it to cool. •Use a dry cloth to just clean ONLY the external surfaces of the heater. DO NOT USE WATER. ENGLISHENGLISH Fig. 1STORAGE •Save the box for off-season stor... »

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