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« s stand. Other speakers may not balance properly, causing them to fall and potentially injure persons nearby. •Be careful when assembling and moving the speaker stand, as it may cause damage or injury in the event of a fall. •Do not place the stand on an unstable and/or sloping surface. The stand and speaker may fall and cause injury. Care of the speaker stands •With normal use, wiping with a soft cloth should be sufficient to keep the stand clean. If necessary, clean with a cloth dipped in a neutral cleanser diluted five or six times with water, and wrung out well. Do not use furniture wax or cleansers. Never use alcohol, thinners, benzine, insecticide sprays or other chemicals on or near this unit since these will corrode the surfaces. When using chemically-treated cloths, be sure to carefully read their accompanying instruction manual. Cleaning the speaker stand bases •When cleaning the surface of the speaker stand bases, gently wipe with the cleaning cloth supplied with the speaker system S-LX70-LR. •Wiping with a dusty or hard cloth, or applying too much force when wiping may result in scratching of the surface of the speaker stand base. Confirm your Accessories •Pillar x 2 •Stand base x 2 •Speaker security plate x 2 •Screw (Large) x 4 •Screw (Small) x 8 •Operating instructions Illustrations of pillars and bases depict those for the CP-LX70. Those for the CP-LX70TS are similar, but of slightly different sizes. The Styrofoam cushioning material shown is used during assembly. •CP-LX70 •CP-LX70TS CAUTION These speaker terminals carry HAZARDOUS LIVE voltage. To prevent the risk of electric shock when connecting or disconnecting the speaker cables, disconnect the power cord before touching any uninsulated parts. TOPTOPTOPTOP Cushioning material (Top) Cushioning material (Bottom) Cushioning material (Top) Cushioning material (Bottom) 2 ??? 2007?9?5? ??? ??10?51?EnglishFrançaisDeutsch Nederlands ItalianoEspañolPortuguêsDanskNorskSuomiSvenska 3 En Installing the speaker stands •Place the stand on a stable, level surface; placing the stand on an unstable surface can be dangerous. When placing the speaker, keep in mind that the tone is affected by the position of the speaker. If the bass is insufficient, move the speaker closer to the wall. The richest bass sound is obtained when the speaker is right against the wall. If the bass is too powerful, producing a muffled tone, move the speaker away from the wall. Placing the speaker against a thick curtain may also be effective. Adjust the position as necessary to obtain optimal sound from your system. Assembling the speaker stands Make sure you assemble the stand on a flat surface that is relatively soft (such as a carpet). A medium-sized Phillips screwdriver is required for assembly. •The Styrofoam cushions are used during assembly. CP-LX70 only: Confirm that the surfaces with printing are facing upwards and oriented as shown, then align the top cushion on the bottom cushion as illustrated. 1Run the speaker cable through the pillar and place the pillar onto the stand base. Place the pillar on a flat surface and cut the string that is strung through the pillar. Tie the speaker cable coming out of the stand base to the end string at the bottom of the pillar. Pull the end of the string emerging from the top front side of the pillar to pull the... »

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