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« and moving the speaker stand, as it may cause damage or injury in the event of a fall. •Placing the stand on an unstable surface can be dangerous. Be sure to place it on a flat, firm surface. •Make sure you assemble the stand on a flat surface that is relatively soft (such as a carpet). •Do not sit or stand on the speaker, or let children play on the speaker. Doing so could provoke the speaker to fall, causing damages or bodily injury. Assembly Hints These stands have been designed to allow the mounting of up to three speakers each, but the number actually mounted will depend on the speaker system used (surround setting). When assembling the stands, use only that number of support arms actually required for the speakers to be mounted. •For more information regarding various surround setups, consult the owners manuals furnished with your speakers and home theater system. Setup examples: •Additional stands will be required if they are used to support surround (rear) speakers as well. Listening position • Front surround setup (using dual center speakers) Center Front leftFront right Center Surround left Surround right Listening position Center • Front surround setup Front leftFront rightSurround left Surround right Listening position Center • Standard surround setup Surround left Surround right Front leftFront right Listening position • Standard surround setup (using dual center speakers) Surround left Surround right Front leftFront right Center • Screws (Flat countersunk head, M4xL6), for assembling supports x 16 • Screws (Bind head, M4xL8), for assembling arms x 6 • Screws (Bind head, M5xL10) for mounting speakers x 6 • These operating instructions • Supports (long) x 2• Caps x 2 • Supports (short) x 4 • Arms x 6 • Stand bases x 2 • Angle brackets x 6 • Pad gaskets x 6 • Wire clips x 6 2 ??? 2008?7?17? ??? ??10?8?3 En Assembling the speaker stands Caution •Pioneer is not responsible for any accidents or damage that result from improper installation, misuse or modification of the product, or natural disasters. Assemble the speaker stands as illustrated below. Please note that a medium-sized Phillips screwdriver is required for assembly. The accompanying illustration shows the fully assembled speaker stand, without speakers or wires. 1Fasten the wire clips to the arms. Peel the protective paper backing from the clip and affix the clip to the indentation on the underside of the arm as shown. 2Fasten angle brackets to speakers. Peel the protective paper backing from the gasket and affix the gasket to the angle bracket as shown. •Affix the gasket to the square surface of the angle bracket. Be sure to confirm the direction of the gasket so as to properly align the gasket’s hole with the screw hole in the angle bracket. Fasten the angle bracket to the speaker. Orient the gasket material with the rear surface of the speaker, and align the screw hole in the angle bracket with the speaker’s screw hole, then use the furnished screw (M5xL10) to securely fasten the angle bracket to the speaker. •In the event the speaker is furnished with two screw holes, fasten the angle bracket to the upper of the two holes. •The angle bracket has been originally designed to be mounted with the rounded angle arm oriented upwards, but in the event interference occurs with speaker terminals, the rounded angl... »

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