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Notice SAITEK Pro Flight Multi Panel

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SAITEK Pro Flight Multi Panel

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« XP, XP64 and Vista 1.With your computer switched on, close down any programs that are currently running and plug the USBcable of your panel into one of your PC’s free USBports. Adialogue window will open on your windows task bar saying your PCis installing drivers. Please note that the LEDscreen will not light up until the panel software is installed. 2.Insert the Installation CD into your CD or DVDdrive. If the CD does not run automatically, select Start from the Windows® Taskbar, then Run and type D:\Setup.exe and click OK - where D:\ is letter of your disc drive. For Vista users, if you receive the “User Account Control” prompt, click continue. 3.For XPusers, when the setup wizard screen appears, click “Next” to continue. For Vista users, when prompted “Do you want to run this program from Saitek?” and “Do you always want to run this program from Saitek?”, click “Yes”. After reading Saitek ALT VS IAS HDG CRS AUTO THROTTLE OFF ARM FLAPS UP DN UP DN PITCH TRIM AP HDG NAVIAS ALT VS APR REV Autopilot settings selector Autopilot function buttons Settings adjustment wheel Auto throttle arm Pitch trim rotary control Flaps retract (up) or extend (down) the Disclaimer, select the “I accept the terms of the Disclaimer” option and click “Next” to continue. 4.The following screen will say “Driver setup is installing Direct Output”. 5.Once the driver installation has finished, click “Finish” to exit the installation process. 6.You can now run a test application by going to Windows Start/Programs/Saitek/Pro Flight Multi Panel/ or open Microsoft FS X. When you open the test application or FS X the display of your panel will light up. Note: If you install a Saitek X52 Pro after having installed a Pro flight panel, the panel’s Direct Output file will be overwritten. If this happens, please reinstall the panel software. 1 2 3 3 Pro_Flight_multi_panel_PP.qxd 30/04/2009 14:30 Page 2It is possible to use each of the autopilot functions individually but more common to use a combination of functions. For example, if you wanted to fly at 20,000 feet at a speed of 150 knots on a heading of 210 degrees, first select the ALTfunction with the selector knob on the left and adjust altitude to 20,000 with the right rotary controls. Next turn the function selector knob to IAS and adjust speed to 150. Now turn the function selector to HDG and adjust heading to 210. To engage the altitude, speed and heading functions, first switch the autothrottle to “Arm” (this allows the autopilot to control the engines to maintain speed), then press the HDG, IASand ALTbuttons under the LEDscreen and press the APbutton to engage the autopilot. Your plane should now climb or descend to 20,000 feet, turn to heading 210 degrees and maintain a speed of 150 knots. Please note: Not all aircraft available in Microsoft FS X have the full range of autopilot functions. For instance, the Cessna C172SPSkyhawk and many of the smaller aircraft do not have an autothrottle arm control - using this function on the multi panel will have no effect on the aircraft autopilot. Troubleshooting The Pro Flight Multi Panel controls are automatically configured to interact with FS X software. When you open Microsoft FS X you will be asked “Do you trust this program from Saitek?” Click “Yes”. You will then be asked “Do you always want to load this plugin when launching Flight Sim X?”... »

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