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Notice SAMSUNG LE40D503

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Besoin d'aide pour l'utilisation de votre SAMSUNG LE40D503 ? Le groupe d'entraide SAMSUNG LE40D503 vous donne des conseils d'utilisation, solutions aux problèmes d’entretien, fonctionnement et assistance pour votre Téléviseur LCD. Rejoignez notre groupe d'entraide LE40D503 qui compte 73 membre(s). L'inscription GRATUITE vous donne accès à différents services pour votre Téléviseur LCD : accès à la notice LE40D503 et mode d'emploi pdf SAMSUNG LE40D503, manuel d'utilisation en français, 22 avis consommateur et 13 discussion(s) de forum actif comprenant 18 participant(s), guide de l'utilisateur, photos, vidéos et SAV entre consommateurs.


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« m GERMANY01805 - SAMSUNG(726-7864 € 0,14/Min) GREECE"1. G?a p?????ta p????f?????? ?a? ????t?? t??ef???a? ?p? sta?e?? 80111-SAMSUNG (80111 7267864), ast??? ????s? ?p? ????t? 210 6897691 2. G?a f?t???af???? µ??a???, ß??te???µe?e?, t??e???se?? & ????a??? s?s?e??? ?p? ????t? ?a? sta?e?? 2106293100" HUNGARY06-80-SAMSUNG(726-7864) ITALIA800-SAMSUNG(726-7864) KOSOVO+381 0113216899- LUXEMBURG 261 03 MACEDONIA023 207 777- MONTENEGRO020 405 888- NETHERLANDS0900-SAMSUNG (0900-7267864) (€ 0,10/Min) NORWAY815-56 POLAND0 801 1SAMSUNG(172678) / PORTUGAL80820-SAMSUNG(726-7864) RUMANIA"1. 08010 SAMSUNG (72678) – doar din reteaua Romtelecom, tarif local; 2. – din orice retea, tarif normal " SERBIA0700 Samsung (0700 726 7864) SLOVAKIA0800-SAMSUNG(726-7864) SPAIN902 - 1 - SAMSUNG (902 172 678) SWEDEN0771 726 7864 (SAMSUNG) SWITZERLAND0848 - SAMSUNG(7267864, CHF 0.08/min) U.K0330 SAMSUNG (7267864) EIRE0818 TURKEY444 77 BN68-03717EBN68-03717E-00 [LCD-XN ZF]BN68-03717E-Cover.indd 12011-04-28 ?? 5:18:43English - 2 For more information on how to use the e-Manual (P.10) Figures and illustrations in this User Manual are provided for reference only and may differ from actual product appearance. Product design and speci?cations may be changed without notice. Important Warranty Information Regarding Television Format Viewing 1. Functionalities related to Digital TV (DVB) are only available in countries/areas where DVB-T (MPEG2 and MPEG4 AVC) digital terrestrial signals are broadcasted or where you are able to access to a compatible DVB-C (MPEG2 and MPEG4 AAC) cable-TV service. Please check with your local dealer the possibility to receive DVB-T or DVB-C signal. 2. DVB-T is the DVB European consortium standard for the broadcast transmission of digital terrestrial television and DVB-C is that for the broadcast transmission of digital TV over cable. However, some differentiated features like EPG (Electric Programme Guide), VOD (Video On Demand) and so on, are not included in this speci?cation. So, they cannot be workable at this moment. 3. Although this TV set meets the latest DVB-T and DVB-C standards, as of [August, 2008], the compatibility with future DVB-T digital terrestrial and DVB-C digital cable broadcasts cannot be guaranteed. 4. Depending on the countries/areas where this TV set is used some cable-TV providers may charge an additional fee for such a service and you may be required to agree to terms and conditions of their business. 5. Some Digital TV functions might be unavailable in some countries or regions and DVB-C might not work correctly with some cable service providers. 6. For more information, please contact your local Samsung customer care centre. ?The reception quality of TV may be affected due to differences in broadcasting method between the countries. Please check the TV performance in the local SAMSUNG Authorized Dealer, or the Samsung Call Centre whether it can be improved by recon?guring TV setting or not. Still ima... »

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