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IROX METEON1 - Meteotime - Réception des données Meteotime - Prévision météo avec 15 symboles - Prévisions pour 4 jours pour 60 régions d'Europe - Prévision de la température min/max - Direction et vitesse max. du vent - Lever et coucher du soleil - Horloge radio pilotée HBG - Position sur table ou fixation murale

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« asic settings and the standard operations to read and select the weather forecasts available in your Personal Meteo Centre Basic information about your Mete-On 1 The Mete-On 1 is a highly engineered product using the atomic clock time signal with the extra function of the»Meteotime-Personal Meteo Centre” reception. On the LCD you will see weather forecasts which are received from the Swiss (HBG) or the German (DCF) transmitter Display and operations on the front of the Mete-On 1 View and operations on the back of the Mete-On 1 Time signal reception from HBG or DCF Backlight Status section Meteotime-Icon Wall hanger Start reception test Backlight operation (linked to light sensor) Battery lid Removable table-stand Light sensor Key (+) Key (–) Key (SET) Socket for the power adapter Time window Weather window (current day) Key to select forecast day 1-3 Weather window for day 1, 2 or 3 Info window4 View with removed stand and open battery lid Reset-Contact (operate with a thin pin) 2. Where to place the Mete-On 1 Please place the unit as far away as possible from any potential electric device which may disturb the recep- tion of the Meteotime signal. For more information, please take note of the advice provided in the Meteotime brochure «Personal Meteo Center PMC Important». The Mete-On 1 may be hung on a wall or placed on a table. If you place the unit on a table, please use the provided table stand to assure stability. 3. Starting-up the Mete-On 1 The Mete-On 1 may be operated by batteries and/or through the power adapter from the mains. If you are using the power adapter, we strongly recommend leaving the activated batteries in the unit to prevent a dataloss in case of a power interruption. To open the battery lid, please remove the table stand. In the battery compartment you will ?nd the batteries already inserted, but deactivated by an insulation strip. Please remove this strip in order to activate the batteries! 4. Setting the Mete-On 1 After providing power to the unit, you have to enter the basic settings to assure the expected operation of the Mete-On 1. 4.1 Select the city for which you wish to view forecasts for The Mete-On 1 can give you weather forecasts for up to 90 regions in Europe. To give you an optimal use, we have preset a total of more than 250 cities located in these 90 regions. By default, the capital of Switzerland is activated (Bern/Schweiz). You may select at any time another city by doing the following: In the basic display, press the «SET» key on the back once. You will now see in the Info window on the display «SELECT COUNTRY». By pressing the keys (+) or (–) you may scan step by step through the countries available (in alphabetical order). As soon as you reach the country of your choice, press the «SET» key. In the Info window you will now see 5 «SELECT CITY». By pressing the keys (+) or (–) you may scan step by step through the cities available in the selected country (in alphabetical order). By pressing the «SET» key you will activate your choice and return to the basic display. 4.2 Select your time zone The time you receive from the transmitters HGB and DCF is the continental European time. Speci?cally in the UK you may want to adjust the time zone to show your local time (–1 h versus the continent). In the basic display, press the «SET» key on the back twice. You will now see in the Info window on th... »

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