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Kingston DataTraveler 2 Go DTI/2GB - Clé USB 2.0 2 Go - Garantie 5 ans.

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« s corporate users. Table of Contents Section Page 1. System Requirements 2 2. Public and Privacy Zones 2 3. Connecting the DataTraveler II 3 4. Configuring the DataTraveler II with SecureTraveler 4.1 Creating the Privacy Zone 4.2 Accessing Your Privacy Zone 4.3 Customizing SecureTraveler Settings 4 4 7 11 Frequently Asked Questions 15 p. 2 SecureTraveler v1.0 for DataTraveler II Rev. July 21, 2004 1 SECURETRAVELER SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS • Pentium II 266MHz or faster • 2 MB free hard drive space • Operating Systems: Windows 98® Second Edition, Windows ME®, Windows 2000®, Windows XP® (Windows 98 requires a DataTraveler driver) • Administrator privileges for Windows 2000 and XP • Recommended: Graphic card supporting 24-bit color depth for best-quality graphics 2 PUBLIC AND PRIVACY ZONES The DataTraveler II can be set up for a public zone only, or a public and a privacy zone. A public “zone” refers to the area on the DataTraveler that is not protected. By default, Kingston sets up the entire DataTraveler II as a public zone at the factory. Files in the public zone can be seen and read on USB-ready computers; there is no data security in the public zone. A DataTraveler II listed as 1GB of capacity1 will be set up as a single zone by default: If the SecureTraveler is used to format and create a privacy zone, then a 1GB DataTraveler could be divided as follows: In the above example, the total available data storage area is broken up as: - Privacy partition of 363 MB 1 Please note: Some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions and thus is not available for data storage. For more information, please consult Kingston’s Digital media Guide at p. 3 SecureTraveler v1.0 for DataTraveler II Rev. July 21, 2004 - Public partition for the remainder, or 984 MB – 363 MB = 621 MB. Files in the privacy zone cannot be accessed without entering a password set up by the person who set up the privacy zone. Privacy zones thus offer data security for private data; without a password, there is no way to even view the file names stored in the privacy zone or the files themselves. This User Guide will explain how to set up public and privacy zones for increased data security, as well as setting up Windows shortcuts to allow for faster and easier access to the SecureTraveler program. 3 CONNECTING THE DATATRAVELER II Insert your DataTraveler II USB Flash drive into the USB port. Because the DataTraveler is a Hi-Speed USB certified drive, it is important to ensure that the USB port is capable of attaining Hi-Speed USB 2.0 speeds for best performance. Using a Hi-Speed USB Flash drive on a USB 1.1 port or on a computer that lacks Hi-Speed USB 2.0 capabilities will result in the DataTraveler transfer speeds slowing to “original” USB speeds (known as Full-Speed USB). All Operating Systems, with the exception of Windows 98 and Windows 98SE, will automatically recognize the DataTraveler and install needed drivers. Windows 98 or 98SE: Drivers for the DataTraveler II must first be downloaded from and installed on the system prior to inserting the DataTraveler II (Click on setu... »

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