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Notice SONY SA-W10

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Manuel/Notice/Mode d'emploi | 196 K | Français
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« ned that any changes or modifications not expressly approved in this manual could void your authority to operate this equipment. CAUTION Use of this appliance with some systems may present a shock or fire hazard. Do not use with any units which have the following marking located near output. WARNING: HAZARDOUS ENERGY! Note to CATV system installer: This reminder is provided to call CATV system installer’s attention to Article 820-40 of the NEC that provides guidelines for proper grounding and, in particular, specifies that the cable ground shall be connected to the grounding system of the building, as close to the point of cable entry as practical. For detailed safety precautions, see the leaflet “IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS” included with this manual in the vinly bag. For the customers in Canada CAUTION TO PREVENT ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT USE THIS POLARIZED AC PLUG WITH AN EXTENSION CORD, RECEPTACLE OR OTHER OUTLET UNLESS THE BLADES CAN BE FULLY INSERTED TO PREVENT BLAD EXPOSURE. NOTICE FOR THE CUSTOMERS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM A moulded plug complying with BS 1363 is fitted to this equipment for your safety and convenience. Should the fuse in the plug supplied need to be replaced a 5 AMP fuse approved by ASTA or BSI to BS 1362, (i.e. marked with 2 or @ mark) must be used. If the plug supplied with this equipment has a detachable fuse cover, be sure to attach the fuse cover after you change the fuse. Never use the plug without the fuse cover. If you should lose the fuse cover, please contact your nearest Sony service station. IMPORTANT If the plug supplied is not suitable for the socket outlets in your home, it should be cut off and an appropriate plug fitted in accordance with the following instructions. The wires in this mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code: Blue: Neutral Brown: Live As the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this apparatus may not correspond with the coloured markings identifying the terminals in your plug, proceed as follows: The wire which is coloured blue must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter N or coloured black. The wire which is coloured brown must be connected to the terminal which is marked with the letter L or coloured red. Do not connect either wire to the earth terminal in the plug which is marked by the letter E or by the safety earth symbol Y or coloured green or green-and-yellow. WARNING To prevent shock hazard, do no insert the plug cut off from the mains lead into a socket outlet. This plug cannot be used and should be destroyed.1/02-03_SAW10.EN 3-810-424-12 (1) 3EN EN TABLE OF CONTENTS Getting Started Unpacking 4 Installation 4 Hooking Up the System 5 Basic Operations Listening to the Sound 8 Adjusting the Sound 9 Additional Information Precautions 10 Troubleshooting 10 Specifications 11 Welcome! Thank you for purchasing the Sony Active Super Woofer. Before operating this woofer, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference.1/04–05_WSA10.11EN 3-810-424-12 (1) 4EN Unpacking Check that you received the following items: •Audio connecting cord (1) •Speaker cord (2) Installation Install the woofer wherever you like because with the bass sound range reproduced from the woofer (below 150 Hz), human hearing cannot detect the direction and position in which the sound is being produced. Also, since the feeling of stereo is l... »

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