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« input on a home stereo. Use the LINE level for plugging into CD/AUX/TAPE inputs. WARNING: You may damage your receiver if you plug in a LINE level into a PHONO input. 3. USB Audio Output: Use the included USB Cable to connect your turntable to your computer. Refer to the software instruction guide before plugging in your turntable. 4. Power Button: 5. Platter: This platter must be securely fastened to the turntable prior to operation. The Motor Drive Belt can be found iTTUSB Owner's Manual V5 - Page 3 on the drive ring underneath the platter. See SETUP INSTRUCTIONS for detailed information on installing the Motor Drive Belt. 6. Start/Stop Buttons: These buttons start and stop the turntable motor. Both buttons have the same function. If they seem to not be functioning, check to make sure that the Motor Drive Belt is properly installed in the SETUP INSTRUCTIONS. 7. 1/8” Stereo Line Input: Connect Tape Players, Reel to Reel, or any other audio source here. This signal is sent to the computer through the USB. Make sure that your phono cartridge is installed while using this input for maximum sound quality. Also make sure that your RCA jacks are either plugged into an input device or not in contact with metal. Note: The 1/8" audio input is not routed to the turntable's RCA output jacks, only to your computer via USB. 8. 33 and 45 RPM Buttons: These buttons control the RPM of the turntable platter. A red LED indicates which RPM mode has been selected. NOTE: If the turntable is powered down while in the 45 RPM setting, it will return to 33 RPM when it is powered up. Note: You can record your 78RPM records by recording them at 33 or 45rpm, then changing them to 78 in the Audacity software. TONE ARM: Items 9 – 13 are all parts of the tonearm. Refer to the TONEARM SETUP section for additional details on these controls. Your model will be equipped with straight arm or S-arm style depending upon model purchased. 9. Counter Weight and Scale Ring: The Counterweight is used to balance the head shell and cartridge assembly so that the proper amount of stylus pressure is applied to the record. 10. Anti-Skate Adjustment: This knob is used to compensate for inward tracking forces. See TONEARM SETUP for more details. 11. Arm Clip: This specially designed arm clip secures the tone arm while at rest or when not in use. The arm clip has been designed to remain in the up position while unlocked. NOTE: When transporting the turntable, it is always recommended that the headshell be removed and the arm clip secured to prevent tonearm or turntable damage. 12. Tone Arm Lock Nut: This Aluminum nut is used to secure the head shell and cartridge assembly to the tone arm tube. See Cartridge Setup for more details. 13. Cartridge and Headshell: The cartridge is pre-mounted on a standard headshell. The cartridge is user-replaceable and iTTUSB Owner's Manual V5 - Page 4 compatible with a variety of standard cartridges. Be sure to remove the clear plastic cover from the cartridge before operating the turntable. PLATTER SETUP WARNING: Incorrect Platter setup can lead to poor turntable performance, platter instability or permanent motor damage. 1. Start by placing the rubber drive belt around the inner bottom ring of the turntable platter, if it did not come preinstalled, and check to make sure that it is not twisted or damaged.... »

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