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Le SAV entre consommateurs du groupe d’entraide ARISTON BDR190 vous permet de recevoir des solutions aux problèmes d’utilisation, conseils d’entretien, fonctionnement et assistance pour votre Réfrigérateur ARISTON. Rejoignez GRATUITEMENT le groupe d'entraide BDR190 qui compte 2 membre(s) utilisateur(s) de ce produit. Devenir membre vous donne accès à différents services gratuits pour votre Réfrigérateur : accès au mode d'emploi PDF et à la notice BDR190 en français ARISTON BDR190, guide de l'utilisateur, avis consommateur et forum actif, manuel d’utilisation, photos, vidéo et informations.


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« , pre-assemble the wooden doors first. Fix the six brackets supplied onto the back part of the doors, using the measurements given in figure 1. Fit 2 pins “” onto each of the two refrigerator compartments, as illustrated in figure 2. Fit the doors by inserting the lower brackets installed previously into the relevant places on both the compartments. Tighten the two screws “ ” on each of the two upper brackets on the compartments to complete the door- fixing procedure. 3 N°5 4 5 Position the refrigerator in the niche and attach the power plug. Adjust the feet until the product comes into contact with the top of the unit. Fix the product at the sides, using the flat head screws provided as shown in figure 4. To align the refrigerator doors with the other panels in the unit, adjust the pins and the screws (figure 2). If the product is recessed after it has been assembled, fix the refrigerator at the sides towards the back as well, using an extra bracket and the screws provided as shown in figure 5. Before placing your new appliance into operation please read these operating instructions carefully. They contain important information for safe use, for installation and for care of the appliance. Please keep these operating instructions for future reference. Pass them on to new owners of the appliance.        1.Place the appliance in a well-ventilated humidity-free room. 2.Do not obstruct the rear fan grills. The compressor and condenser give off heat and require good ventilation to operate correctly and save energy. 3.Ensure the appliance is away from any sources of heat (direct sunlight, electric stove, etc.). 4.The product was designed exclusively for “built in” installation and must not be directly exposed to atmospheric agents.  1.Install the appliance on a level and rigid floor. 2.If the floor is not perfectly horizontal, adjust the refrigerator by tightening or loosening the front or rear feet.      After the appliance has been transported, carefully place it vertically and wait at least 3 hours before connecting it to the electricity mains. Before inserting the plug into the electrical socket ensure the following: •The electrical outlet is grounded and compliant with all electrical codes. •The outlet can withstand the maximum power of the appliance, which is indicated on the data plate located on the right side of the horizontal surface in the top compartment, under the thermostat (e.g. 150 W). •The voltage is within the range of values indicated on the data plate located on the right side of the horizontal surface in the top compartment, under the thermostat (e.g. 110V). •The outlet is compatible with the plug of the appliance. If the outlet is incompatible with the plug, ask an authorised technician to replace it (see Assistance).           Once the appliance has been installed, the power supply cable and the electrical outlet must be easily accessible. The cable must not be bent or compressed. The cable must be checked regularly and replaced by authorised technicians only (see Assistance).  The manufacturer declines any liability should these safety measures not be observed.        )*  * + The instructions contained in this manua... »

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