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Notice PHILIPS HD7630 Essence

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PHILIPS HD7630 Essence

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Manuel/Notice/Mode d'emploi | 246 K | Français

« sed in until you have almost reached the correct hour.Then release the button and set the exact hour by pressing the button briefly until the display shows the correct hour. 7Set the minutes by pressing the 'M' button (Fig.5). Proceed in the same way as for setting the hours. Note:After a power cut off,you will have to set the clock again. 8Fill the water tank with water and put the jug in place (Fig.6). 9Switch the appliance on by pressing the Abutton (Fig.7). The pilot light goes on. Let the appliance run until the water tank is completely empty. 10Switch the appliance off by pressing the Abutton. Clean the removable parts as described in section 'Cleaning'. Brewing coffee Coffee Strength Control The Coffee Strength Control helps you determine the right balance between pre-ground coffee and water. Before using the Coffee Strength Control,please note the following: Strength select 1Select the strength of your coffee (Fig.8). When turning the knob to the right you increase the strength of the coffee, when turning the knob to the left you decrease the strength of the coffee. When selecting the strength of your coffee,please make sure that the filter- holder is in the appliance. 2Reset function Check if the indicator stands in the 'OK' position.You can reset the appliance by rotating the button clockwise or anti-clockwise (Fig.9). 3Fill the watertank with water,the indicator goes up,and put the jug in place (Fig.10). When using the Coffee Strength Control,always fill the watertank first with water before putting pre-ground coffee in the filter. -The level indications apply to cups of 120 ml. -The level indications on the jug apply to the amount of water which is 10% more (needed due to condensation) than the total amount of coffee after brewing. 4Put a paper filter (type 1x4 or no.4) in the filterholder (Fig.11). Do not forget to fold the sealed edges of the filter in order to prevent tearing and folding.Some versions come with a permanent filter.In this case you do not need to use a paper filter. 5Put pre-ground coffee (filter fine grind) in the filter (Fig.12). Coffee Strength Control:put as much pre-ground coffee in the filter until the indicator stands in the 'OK' position. 6Close the lid (Fig.13). Switching the timer on or off Switching the appliance on right away. 1Press the A button to switch the appliance on right away (Fig.14). Switching the appliance on by means of the timer 1Press the Gbutton to set the timer (Fig.15). The yellow pilot light will go on. 2Set the hours by pressing the 'H' button and the minutes by pressing the 'M' button. Five seconds after you have finished setting the timer,the normal time will reappear. You can always check whether you have set the timer correctly by pressing the Gbutton. You can switch the timer off by pressing the Abutton. When the appliance will start brewing coffee at the pre-set time,the yellow light will go off and the pilot light will go on. 3The next time you want the coffee maker to switch on automatically at the pre-set time,press the button. Note:After a power cut off,you will have to set the clock and the timer again. Coffee freshness indicator ?The display will alternately show the normal time and the time that has elapsed since the brewing cycle has started,preceded by the letter F(reshness).(Fig.16). Switching the appliance off 1Switch the appliance off by pressing the Abutton. If you have not switched the appli... »

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