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Notice LG HFB-500

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Le groupe d'entraide LG HFB-500 vous donne des conseils d'utilisation, solutions aux problèmes de fonctionnement, entretien et assistance pour votre Accessoires téléphones. Rejoignez GRATUITEMENT notre groupe d'entraide HFB-500 pour vous aider à mieux utiliser votre Accessoires téléphones LG. Le SAV entre consommateurs donne accès à différents services pour votre LG HFB-500 : accès à la notice HFB-500 et mode d'emploi pdf, manuel d'utilisation en français, avis consommateur et forum actif. Soyez le premier membre actif de ce groupe d'entraide.

LG HFB-500

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Questions/Réponses, FAQ, Support | Français
Questions/Réponses, FAQ, Support | Français
Questions/Réponses, FAQ, Support | Français

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« y charging cable Introduction3 - Included in package3 Part description 4 How to use 5 - Recommended installation position5 - Charging 5 - Low battery 5 - Battery status5 - Emergency Battery Charging6 - Power on 6 - Power off 6 - Pairing7 ?Easy Pairing 7 ?Manual Pairing 7 - Auto Reconnect8 -Volume control 8 - Calling8 ?Answering a call 8 ?Making a call 8 ?Voice dialing* 8 ?Last number redial* 8 ?Ending a call 8 ?Transferring a call* 9 ?Call waiting* 9 ?Call reject* 9 ?Mute 9 Multipoint9 - Multipoint Connect9 Summary of button functions 10 LED indication and signal sound 10 Troubleshooting 11 Specification 11 Precautions12 Declaration of confirmation13 Additional information14 Limited warranty16 Important safety information164 Part description Front 5 Charging -Using the car charger ?Remove the cover on the charging port and connect the charger. ?When the charger is connected, the LED indicator flashes slowly. ?It takes 2 hours to fully charge the hands-free car kit. ?When charging is complete, the LED indicator will turn off. (! The LED indicator indicates the charging status only when the hands-free car kit turned off) -Using solar power ?Direct the solar panel on the back of the hands-free car kit toward the sun. (Please refer to the recommended installation position, as mentioned above.) ?If the car kit receives sufficient sunlight for 2 hours, you can talk for a duration of up to 1 h. Using solar power charge, the operation time (the talk time and the standby time) will be extended continuously without any additional charge required by the car charger. * WARNING : Do not attempt to charge the hands-free car kit with any charger other than the one provided. Using another charger may damage or destroy the hands-free car kit. Recommend installation position - It is recommended that the hands-free car kit be positioned and installed on the windshield in front of the driver's seat, as shown in the picture below. * WARNING : Install the hands-free car kit out of the way of any Air Bags for safety reason. Solar Module Back Volume Up Button CALL Button Power Button & Status LED Volume Down Button Charging Port How to useHow to use 7 Power on -Press and hold PWR button for 1 second. -You will hear a startup tone and the LED indicator will rapidly flash 5 times. 6 Power off -Press and hold PWR button for 2 seconds. -You will hear a shutdown tone and the LED indicator will rapidly flash 5 times. Pairing -Prior to using the hands-free car kit for the first time, you must pair it with a Bluetooth-enabled handset. -There are 2 pairing mode methods with the HFB-500. 1) Easy Pairing ?With the power off, press and hold the PWR button for 1 second, to turn on the HFB-500. ?The hands-free car kit will enter Auto-Reconnect mode, for 10 seconds (If your hands-free car kit has been previously paired to the handset, the headset will automatically reconnect to the handset, when the HFB-500 is powered on.) ?After 10 seconds, the HFB-500 wil... »

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