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ufactured in our ISO9002 certified factory. United States Patents 4429181 and 4625328 plus other patents pending. System Specifications Power rating conforms to FTC Amplifier Rule #16 C.F.R. Part 432. Altec Lansing’s superior sound comes from our patented Dynamic EQ technology, which utilizes custom-built, high-fidelity drivers, state-of- the-art equalization circuitry, and a harmonious mix of the following specifications:4 No LEDs are lit. No sound from one or more speakers. Crackling sound from speakers. Sound is distorted. Radio interference. Low hum from subwoofer. Loud hum from subwoofer. Not enough bass from subwoofer. Distorted monitor. Power is not turned on. AC cord isn’t connected to the wall outlet. Surge suppressor (if used) is not powered on. Wall outlet not functioning. Power isn’t turned on. Volume is set too low. Audio cable isn’t connected to audio source. Audio cable is connected to wrong output on audio source. Problem with audio source. Bad connection. Volume control in Windows is set too high. A problem with your audio source. Volume level set too high. Windows volume control is set too high. Sound source is distorted. Too close to a radio tower. The AC in your house is at 60 cycles per second, which is within the audio frequency of your subwoofer. Bad connection. Volume on your audio source set too high. Check the volume on audio source. Bad connection. Subwoofer too close to monitor. Press Power button on right satellite. Check to see if the power on LED is illuminated on the right satellite. If not, connect AC power. If the subwoofer’s AC power cord is plugged into a surge protector, make sure the surge protector is switched on. Plug another device into the wall outlet (same jack) to confirm...

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