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speaker controller to adjust as necessary. .WAV and .MID files are often of poor quality; therefore distortion and noise are easily noticed with high-powered speakers. Try a different audio source such as a music CD. Troubleshooting SymptomPossible ProblemSolution Power rating conforms to FTC Amplifier Rule #16 C.F.R. Part 432.Altec Lansing’s superior sound comes from our proprietary technology, which utilizes custom-built, high-fidelity drivers, state-of-the-art equalization circuitry, and a harmonious mix of the following specifications:4 No sound from subwoofer. Radio interference. Low hum from subwoofer. Loud hum from subwoofer. Not enough bass from subwoofer. Too much bass from subwoofer. Distorted monitor. Bass volume is set too low. Sound source has little low-frequency content. Too close to a radio tower. The AC in your house is at 60 cycles per second, which is within the audio frequency of your subwoofer. Bad connection. Volume on your audio source set too high. Check the volume on audio source. Bad connection. Bass setting is too low. Bass setting is too high. Subwoofer too close to monitor. Adjust the bass level on the front of the right satellite. Many .WAV and .MID files often have little low-frequency content and sound flat when you listen to them on a computer. Try a song with more bass—something from your CD collection. Move your speakers to see if the interference goes away. If not, you may be able to purchase a shielded stereo cable from your local electronics store. Some low hum may be detected when your speaker system is powered on without an audio source playing, or when the volume is set at an extremely low level. Unplug the power cord from the surge protector (if used), and plug directly into an A...

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