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TION OF THE APPLIANCE 1) Motorised base 2) Bowl 3) Disc holder 4) Press 5) ON/OFF switch A) Disc for thin slices B) Disc for thick slices C) Disc for julienne vegetables D) Disc for large julienne E) Dicing accessory F) Food guide 12) Power supply cable + plug 13) Spatula DIRECTIONS FOR USE -Check that the technical data plate located on the base of the appliance shows the correct volt- age. -Before use, wash the parts which come into contact with food in running water. -Do not immerse the base containing the motor in water or other liquid. To clean this assem- bly, use a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. -Before assembling and/or dismantling the appliance, check that it is unplugged from the power supply. -Fit the bowl (2) to the base (1) containing the motor. Now fit the required disc into the bowl (2) and, keeping it pressed down on the disc holder (3), rotate it a 1/4 turn anti-clockwise until it locks (fig.1). Insert the food guide (F) taking care that the groove in the external ring faces upwards and that the wings of the guide are outside the notches on the bowl (fig. 2). A click signifies correct attachment. -The dicing accessory (E) can only be fitted to the disc for finely chipped vegetables (D). Impaginato_Saladino_REV1 28-01-2003 11:11 Pagina 7- 8- English To fit it, just place it directly on the disc with the blades to the top. A click indicates that it is locked in position (fig.3) -To remove the food guide, the disc and the bowl, just pull the food guide outwards (fig. 4) and with the motor switched off rotate the toothed wheel 1/4 turn clockwise using the spatula (13) as shown in fig. 5, then pull out the bowl and then the disc (fig. 6) -N.B. If dismantling proves difficult because the disc is jammed, restart...

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