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ging and set the calendar to the current month. ! Refer to the notes for using the filter below. 3. Insert the filter into the tank. The reference mark and the groove should coincide. Press down completely. Fill up the tank with fresh drinking water. After 30 minutes, di- spense all the water in the tank into a container. Afterwards fill the tank again with water and replace the tank in the machine. Close the front panel. ! The machine is already programmed for use with the filter (see programming). The machine informs the user when it is time to replace the filter. ! The water filter must always be removed before running the descaling cycle. Regulating water hardness Regulate the machine to the right degree of water hard- ness that you will use. According to this setting, the machine advises when it is necessary to run a descaling cycle. Read the sections on “Water hardness” in “Program- ming” to regulate hardness.NA 9 Grinding regulation ! Take care when rotating the knob that regulates grinding, which is located above the brewing group. Do not put ground and/or freeze-dried coffee in the bean container. ! Do not put any material other than coffee beans in the container. Switch off at the mains before carrying out any type of operation inside the machine. The quality and flavour of coffee depend on the grinding level, as well as the blend used. The machine has a knob to regulate the coffee grinding. To regulate the grinding, turn the knob one setting at a time. The figures indicate the fineness of the grind. The manufacturer configures each appliance on an intermediate grinding setting. If the grind is too fine, rotate the knob to a higher setting; if the grind is too coar...

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