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f the expansion card and make necessary hardware settings for the card before you start the installation. Step 2.Remove the bracket facing the slot that you intend to use. Keep the screw for later use. Step 3.Align the card connector with the slot and press firmly until the card is completely seated on the slot. Step 4.Fasten the card to the chassis with screws. 2.4 Jumpers Setup2.4 Jumpers Setup2.4 Jumpers Setup2.4 Jumpers Setup2.4 Jumpers Setup The illustration shows how jumpers are setup. When the jumper cap is placed on pins, the jumper is “Short”. If no jumper cap is placed on the pins, the jumper is “Open”. The illustration shows a 3-pin jumper whose pin1 and pin2 are “Short” when jumper cap is placed on these 2 pins. JumperSetting FSB Select Jumpers (FSB_SEL0, FSB_SEL1, FSB_SEL2) (see p.2 item 10) Note:The CPU FSB frequency of this motherboard is determined by jumper-setting. You must adjust “FSB Select Jumpers” according to the FSB of your AMD CPU. Please follow the figures above to set the CPU FSB frequency. ShortOpen EnglishEnglish EnglishEnglish English1010101010 ASRock K7VT4A Pro Motherboard PS2_USB_PWR1Short pin2, pin3 to enable (see p.2 item 1)+5VSB (standby) for PS/2 or USB wake up events. Note:To select +5VSB, it requires 2 Amp and higher standby current provided by power supply. JR1 / JL1 Jumpers (see p.2 item 23) Note:If JR1 and JL1 Jumpers are short, both the front panel and the rear panel audio connectors can work. Clear CMOS Jumper (CLRCMOS2) (see p.2 item 22) Note:CLRCMOS2 allows you to clear the data in CMOS. The data in CMOS includes system setup information such as system password, date, time, and system setup parameters. To clear and reset the system parameters to default setup, please turn off th...

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