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1080p Blu-ray (BD) / HD-DVD films in our lab test. 8.This DVI-D port for the chipset adopted on this motherboard can support DVI/HDCP and HDMI format signal. You may use the DVI to HDMI adapter to convert this DVI-D port to HDMI interface. DVI to HDMI adapter is not bundled with our product, please refer to the adapter vendor for further information. 9.Before installing SATAII hard disk to SATAII connector, please read the “SATAII Hard Disk Setup Guide” on page 27 of “User Manual” in the support CD to adjust your SATAII hard disk drive to SATAII mode. You can also connect SATA hard disk to SATAII connector directly. 10.Power Management for USB 2.0 works fine under Microsoft® Windows® VistaTM 64-bit / VistaTM / XP 64-bit / XP SP1 or SP2 / 2000 SP4.88888 ASRock N68PV-GS Motherboard EnglishEnglish EnglishEnglish English 11.It is a user-friendly ASRock overclocking tool which allows you to surveil your system by hardware monitor function and overclock your hardware devices to get the best system performance under Windows® environment. Please visit our website for the operation procedures of ASRock OC Tuner. ASRock website: 12.Featuring an advanced proprietary hardware and software design, Intelligent Energy Saver is a revolutionary technology that delivers unparalleled power savings. The voltage regulator can reduce the number of output phases to improve efficiency when the CPU cores are idle. In other words, it is able to provide exceptional power saving and improve power efficiency without sacrificing computing performance. To use Intelligent Energy Saver function, please enable Cool ‘n’ Quiet option in the BIOS setup in advance. Please visit our website for the operation procedures of Intelligent Energy Saver. ASRock...

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