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while the heating pad is switched on. • Do not apply the heating pad to parts of the body which are inflamed, injured or swollen. If in doubt, seek medical advice before use. • The electric and magnetic fields emitted by this heating pad can interfere with the operation of pacemakers. However, they are far below the permissible limits: electric field strength: 5,000 V/m max., magnetic field strength: 80 A/m max., magnetic flux density: 0.1 millitesla max. Therefore, please consult your doctor and the manufacturer of your pacemaker before using this heating pad. • Heating pad – only connect to the voltage specified on the appliance, – never operate without supervision, – never switch on when folded or compressed, – never wedge between objects, – never make any sharp creases, – never use with animals, – never use when damp, – only use in conjunction with switch types specified on the heating pad. • When in use, the electronic components in the switch of the heating pad make the switch slightly warm. The switch should therefore never be covered or placed on the heating pad when it is being operated. • Do not pull, twist or make any sharp kinks in the cables. • Do not stick pins or pointed objects into this heating pad. • This appliance may not be used by children unless the switch has been preset by a parent or a supervisory person, or the child has been sufficiently instructed in how to use this heating pad safely.7 • This heating pad must be checked frequently for signs of wear or damage. If such signs are present, or if the cables are damaged, or if this heating pad has been used incorrectly, it must be taken to either the manu- facturer or the dealer before further use. • Repairs may only be carried out by specially trained per...

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