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rve correct speaker output connections and polarity. In the stereo mode,connect the right speaker output to the right speaker and the left to the left. Connect the positive (+) output to the positive (+) speaker terminal and the negative (-) output to the negative (-) speakerterminal. •In the bridged mode connect the Left(+) positive to the positive speaker ter- minal and theRight (-) negative to the negative speaker terminal. •Do not use the negative speaker output commonly for left and right speakers (common ground).Improper polarity causes a loss of bass response. •Use a quality speaker cable for your Car Audio System.Once you’ve heard the difference,you’ll know why we advise you to consult your local Caliber dealer for our range of stereo loudspeaker cables with gold-plated connectors. •Neverconnect the negative speaker output to the chassis of your vehicle. This can cause severe damage to your Car Audio System. Speakeroutput 4-channel ampli?ersThe mono position,if you have connected a subwoofer in a bridged mode.The phase can now be shifted by turning on the potmeter of the right channel.. Adjusting the phase is not an easy job.You have to listen very carefully to hear the difference.The best way to do it is to play some music you know very well and has a lot of vocals in it.When you start adjusting you can hear the vocals shifting over your front stage.Ask someone to help you with this ?ne tuning. In that way you can remain seated in your car and listen to the changes in the music,while the otherone adjusts the phase by turning slowly on the potmeters. The phase-shift is variable from 0 to 180 degrees.Allthough your ampli?er is equipped with these phase-shift controls,it is not always necessary to use them. So if you don’t know if you have...

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