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on press the ON/OFF button. 2a)Press the humidity “UP” or “DOWN” button toselect a desired RH operating value (35% -80%) OR 2b)Press the CONTINUOUS button. When CONTINUOUS mode is selected, the humidistat(sensor) will be by-passed and the compressorwill operate non-stop regardless of humidity conditions. FAN SPEED SELECTION: 3) Select a fan speed on the keypad. The speed youselect is identified by the (illuminated) indicatorlight located directly above the selection made. When the unit is first connected to the electrical outlet, the (green) power lightwill not light until the “on/off” button is pressed. AIRFILTERYour dehumidifer features a removable Air Filter, located at the front of the unit (behind theair intake grill) directly above the water tank compartment. To maintain maximum operating efficiency:• The filter must be checked and cleaned regularly (every 2 weeks) • More frequent cleaning may be required depending upon indoor air quality.IMPORTANT:Never operate the unit without the air filter in place. AIRFILTERREMOVAL:1)Grasp the filter handle, and pull the filter out. The filter will slide out easily (see Fig. 2) 2) Clean the filter thoroughly using a vacuum cleaner or wash using lukewarm water and mild detergent. Dry thoroughly before re-installing. 3) To re-install the air filter, slide the filter back inside the tracks and pushinward.Fig. 2 IMPORTANT:Never tamper with or attempt to defeat the water level (safety) floatswitch system. Proper installation of the water tank is crucial to maintaining reliabledehumidifier operation. The air filter plays an important role in helping to reduce (minimize) dust/dirt particles from the surroundingenvironment. Ablocked/clogged air filter reduces air intake, impacting negatively on operating efficiency...

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