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tor to another socket. 5 ENGLISH 6 ght cause damage to your PSU and/or system, and use of third party cable shall void PSU warranty. MODULAR CABLES SUPPLIED Use ONLY genuine ENERMAX modular cables coming with ENERMAX PSU. Third party cables might not be compatible and mi EMC012: 3 x 4P Molex (IDE/SCSI) drives Modular cable for IDE/SCSI/SAS drives and other peripherals. EMC013: 3 x 4P Molex (IDE/SCSI) drives & 1 X FDD connector Modular cable for IDE/SCSI/SAS drives and peripheral, plus 1 FDD power connector. EMC014: 2 x 6+2P (8P) PCI-E 2.0 Modular cable for 1 or 2 performance PCI Express graphic cards, which needs 6P or 8P PCI-E connector. EMC017: 4 x SATA drives Modular cable for SATA/SAS drives like ODD and HDD. EMC018: 8P & 4P +12V CPU/RAM power (optional) Modular cable to support special heavy-duty workstation/server with more than 4 CPUs and 16 RAMs. Supplied modular cables might differ by models and in different region. We offer more optional cables. Please visit our website for more information: Special note for System Integrators: If your system requires special modular cable configuration or esign, please contact an ENERMAX sales representative. ATTACHING / DETACHING THE MODULAR CABLES d Attaching the modular cable to PSU 5-pin / 12-pin connector on modular cable and PSU’s modular socket has an ket, and red to red. 3. Then you can easily plug in the connector. arrow mark. To make correct connection is easy: 1. Black connector to black soc 2. Arrow mark to arrow mark. Detaching the modular cable from PSU 5-pin / 12-pin connector on modular cable has two hooks to lock with the PSU’s modular sockets. When unplug the modular cable from PSU...

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