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sed to ensure they are prepared for this. We recommend that once the system is ready for listening the drive units should be run-in with medium volume setting, with music that has the full bandwidth of frequencies (sub- bass through to treble). This running- in period should be used for a few weeks, to gain the full potential. After which the excellent performance of your K2 Power products can be fully appreciated. Information of other K2 Power products The K2 Power line is composed of a range of 4 subwoofers of 27cm (27 KX), 33cm (33 KX), 40cm (40 KX) and 46cm (46KX 4) which characteris- tics are perfectly complementary with those of the K2 Power kits. Consult your dealer. Conditions of guarantee All Focal loudspeakers are covered by guarantee drawn up by the official Focal distributor in your country. Your distributor can provide all details concerning the conditions of guarantee. Guarantee cover extends at least to that granted by the legal guarantee in force in the country where the original purchase invoice was issued. Fine tunning / set-up 165 krx3 08 Your Focal-JMlab product was developed and manufactured with high-quality materials and components which can be recycled and/or re-used. This symbol indicates that electrical and electronic equipment must be disposed of separately from normal garbage at the end of its operational lifetime.Please dispose of this product by bringing it to your local collection point or recycling centre for such equipment. This will help to protect the environment in which we all live.Notice kits K2 Power Nous vous remercions d’avoir choisi les kits K2 Power et de partager avec nous notre philo- sophie "the Spirit of Sound". Ces haut-parleurs de haute technicité i...

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