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Notice d’utilisation de votre GEMINI CDX-02. La notice vous renseigne sur l’utilisation, donne des solutions aux problèmes d’entretien, de fonctionnement et d’assistance pour votre CDX-02.

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shing the POWERbutton (5) a second time will turn the unit off. DISC TRAY:The DISC TRAY(7) is where the CD is held during loading, unloading and playback. Pressing the OPEN/CLOSE (6 & 8) button, will open or close the tray. The DISC TRAY(7) holds both 12 cm and 8 cm CDs. Please note, if the CDX-02is in play mode, the tray will not open. Note: Do not force the DISC tray to close, excessive force will damage the CD mecha nism, use the open/close (8) buttons only. OPEN/CLOSE BUTTON:Press OPEN/CLOSE (6 & 8) to load or remove a CD from the DISC TRAY. L.C.D.:The LIQUID CRYSTALDISPLAY(12) shows the track number, pitch value, single-auto cue, continue (for continuous play), and 4 different time displays. These time displays are time elapsed on the track, time remaining on the disc, the last 30 second outro of the track, and time remaining on the track. Time is measured in minutes, seconds and frames. PLAYBACK DISPLAYBAR: The PLAYBACK DISPLAYBAR(13) dis- plays the elapsed and remaining time for each track. The display flashes slowly when the track has 30 seconds remaining and pulses rapidly when playing time is down to 15 seconds. PLAY/PAUSE: Each press of the PLAY/PAUSE BUTTON(10) causes the operation to change from play to pause or from pause back to play. CUE:With the unit in the PLAYmode (PLAY/PAUSE LEDis green) and after the cue point has been programmed, pressing CUE(11) will immedi- ately pause the track at the programmed CUEpoint (the CUE LEDglows blue). In PAUSEmode(PLAY/PAUSE LEDblinks), holding down CUE(11) changes the function to preview and starts the CD from the programmed cue point. Releasing the CUE(11) button will return the CD laser to the preset cue point in PAUSEmode. BPM: Tapping the BPM(23) button allows you to count the bea...

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