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hing in it, with the oven door shut. Then, open the oven door and let the room air. The odour that is often detected dur- ing this initial use is due to the evaporation of substances used to protect the oven during storage and until it is in- stalled. Attention: Only use the bottom shelf of the oven when using the rotisserie to cook (where present). For all other types of cooking, never use the bottom shelf and never place anything on the bottom of the oven when it is in operation because this could damage the enamel. Always place your cookware (dishes, aluminium foil, etc. etc.) on the grate provided with the appliance inserted especially along the oven guides. The oven knobs With these two controls you can select the different functions of the oven and choose the cooking temperatu- re suitable for the food you are preparing. The different cooking functions are set up by operating the two knobs: L - the selection knob (identified by the symbol G) M - the thermostat knob (identified by the symbol H) on the oven panel. For any selection-knob setting different from idle, identified by the “0”, the oven light turns on; the knob setting marked 8 permits turning on the oven light without any heating element being switched on. When the oven light is on, it means that the oven is in use, and it will remain on for the entire time the oven is being used. 1. Static oven - Knob “L” setting: a - Knob “M” setting: anywhere between 50°C and Max The oven light turns on and the top and bottom heating elements (resistors) switch on. The temperature, fixed by the thermostat knob, is reached automatically and kept constant by the thermostat control. This function permits cooking and type of food thanks to excellent temperature distribution. 2. The botto...

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