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Notice d’utilisation de votre JVC KD-LHX551. La notice vous renseigne sur l’utilisation, donne des solutions aux problèmes d’entretien, de fonctionnement et d’assistance pour votre KD-LHX551.

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9EN08-15_LHX552_1[EX_EU]f.indd 912/2/04 10:40:07 AM12/2/04 10:40:07 AM10 ENGLISH Manual presetting Ex.: Storing FM station of 92.5 MHz into preset number 4 of the FM1 band. 1 2 • Holding or can display the Preset Station List (see step 5 below). 3 4 5 Storing stations in memory You can preset six stations for each band. FM station automatic presetting — SSM (Strong-station Sequential Memory) 1 Select the FM band (FM1 – FM3) you want to store into. 2 3 Local FM stations with the strongest signals are searched and stored automatically in the FM band. Appears only for FM. EN08-15_LHX552_1[EX_EU]f.indd 10EN08-15_LHX552_1[EX_EU]f.indd 1012/2/04 10:40:09 AM12/2/04 10:40:09 AM11 ENGLISH Listening to a preset station 1 2 Select a preset station (1 – 6) you want. • Holding or can display the Preset Station List (see below). To select a preset station using the Preset Station List 1 2 3 4 Select a preset number. Preset Station List The lists show either the station frequency or PS name (the first 8 characters). Appears only for FM. Appears only for FM. EN08-15_LHX552_1[EX_EU]f.indd 11EN08-15_LHX552_1[EX_EU]f.indd 1112/2/04 10:40:10 AM12/2/04 10:40:10 AM12 ENGLISH FM RDS operations Searching for your favorite FM RDS programme You can tune in to a station broadcasting your favorite programme by searching for a PTY code. • To store your favorite programme, see page 13. ~ Ÿ ! Select a PTY code. If there is a station broadcasting a programme of the same PTY code as you have selected, that station is tuned in. * Press to go to the next list; hold to go back to the previous list. What you can do with RDS RDS (Radio Data System) allows FM stations to send an additi...

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