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ee pages 40 – 43.) Note: While playing a source, you can select the display theme of your preference. For details, see “Selecting the display theme” on page 44. NOTICE: The illustrations of the display used in this manual are mainly of the initial setting when shipped from the factory. If you have changed the display patterns or some PSM items, the actual displays you see will be different. Turning on the power 1Turn on the power. Note on One-Touch Operation: When you select a source in step 2 below, the power automatically comes on. You do not have to press this button to turn on the power. 2Select the source. •To operate the FM/AM tuner or the DAB tuner, press and hold FM/AM DAB repeatedly. •To operate the CD player (CD), CD changer (CD-CH), or external component (LINE-IN), press CD/CD-CH LINE repeatedly. *1If there is no disc in the loading slot, you cannot select “CD” as the source, “No Disc” flashes on the display. *2Without connecting the CD changer, you cannot select “CD-CH” as the source to play. BASIC OPERATIONS To increase the volume To decrease the volume Volume level appears. Current sound mode (iEQ) (see page 41) 123 EN07-09_KD-LHX601[E_EX].p6504.1.15, 2:29 PM78 ENGLISH To drop the volume in a moment Press briefly while listening to any source. “ATT” starts flashing on the display, and the volume level will drop in a moment. To resume the previous volume level, press the button briefly again. •If you turn the control dial, you can also restore the sound. To turn off the power Press and hold for more than one second. •If you turn off the power while listening to a disc, disc play will start from where playback has been stopped previously, next time you turn on the power. Canceling the display demonstr...

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