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Accédez à la notice du JVC KD-R35 en adhérant à la communauté.

Notice d’utilisation de votre JVC KD-R35. La notice vous renseigne sur l’utilisation, donne des solutions aux problèmes d’entretien, de fonctionnement et d’assistance pour votre KD-R35.

Notices - manuels - modes d'emploi disponibles pour JVC KD-R35 après inscription au groupe d'entraide

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ot have Tag information or <TAG DISPLAY> is set to <TAG OFF> ( 14), folder name and file name appear. Selecting the playback modes You can use only one of the following playback modes at a time. 1 2 ] “REPEAT” “RANDOM” 3 REPEAT TRACK RPT : Repeats current track FOLDER RPT : Repeats current folder RANDOM FOLDER RND : Randomly plays all tracks of current folder, then tracks of next folders ALL RND : Randomly plays all tracks To cancel repeat play or random play, select “RPT OFF” or “RND OFF.” [Hold] EN02-09_KD-R412_003A_5.indd 9EN02-09_KD-R412_003A_5.indd 910/12/09 10:32:22 AM10/12/09 10:32:22 AM10ENGLISH Listening to the USB device (For KD-R412/KD-R411/KD-R35) This unit can play MP3/WMA tracks stored in a USB device. ~ ] Turn on the power. Ÿ All tracks will be played repeatedly until you change the source or detach the USB device. If a USB device has been attached... Pressing / SOURCE turns on the power and playback starts from where it has been stopped previously. • If a different USB device is currently attached, playback starts from the beginning. Stopping playback and detaching the USB device Straightly pull it out from the unit. “NO USB” appears. Press / SOURCE to listen to another playback source. You can operate the USB device in the same way you operate the files on a disc. Caution on volume setting: USB devices produce very little noise compared with other sources. Lower the volume before playing a USB to avoid damaging the speakers by sudden increase of the output level. Cautions: • Avoid using the USB device if it might hinder your safety driving. • Do not pull out and attach the USB device repeatedly while “READING” is shown on the display. • Do not start the car engine if...

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