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GLE button Adjust the control panel angle. uBAND button Select the band for FM/AM and DAB. 02-07_KD-SHX701_f.p654/1/04, 1:19 PM78 ENGLISH4Select the DSP mode and sound mode as you want. •For details, see pages 26 to 31. To drop the volume in a moment (ATT): To restore the sound, press it again. To turn off the power: CAUTION on Volume Setting: Discs produce very little noise compared with other sources. If the volume level is adjusted for the tuner, for example, the speakers may be damaged by the sudden increase in the output level. Therefore, lower the volume before playing a disc and adjust it as required during playback. 1Turn on the power The Operation screen for last selected source is recalled. 2Select the source •DAB: Without connecting the DAB tuner, you cannot select DAB. •CD: If a disc is not in the loading slot, you cannot select CD as the source to play. •CD-CH: Without connecting the CD changer, you cannot select CD-CH (CD changer). •LINE-IN: Select the external component (see page 49). 3Adjust the volume Basic Operations Hold SOURCETUNERCD CD-CH DAB LINE-IN 08-14_KD-SHX701_f.p654/1/04, 1:16 PM89 ENGLISH What information is shown on the display The following information are shown commonly for all sources. •If you press DISP on the control panel, the display will show the different information or different screens. (Details about this will be explained later separately for each source.) ?????????Canceling the display demonstration When shipped from the factory, display demonstration has been activated, and starts automatically when no operations are done for about 20 seconds. To cancel the display demonstration, follow the procedure below: 1While playing any source... The Main Menu appears on the display...

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