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A_1.indd 911/26/09 12:55:50 PM10ENGLISH Listening to the USB device This unit can play MP3/WMA files stored in a USB device. ~ ] Turn on the power. Ÿ All tracks will be played repeatedly until you change the source or detach the USB device. Caution on volume setting: USB devices produce very little noise compared with other sources. Lower the volume before playing a USB to avoid damaging the speakers by sudden increase of the output level. If you have turned off the power (without detaching the USB device)... Pressing SOURCE turns on the power and playback starts from where it has been stopped previously. • If a different USB device is currently attached, playback starts from the beginning. USB input terminalUSB memory Changing the display information Disc title/Album name/performer (folder name)* = Track title (file name)* = Current track number with the elapsed playing time = Current track number with the clock time = (back to the beginning) * If the current disc is an audio CD (except for CD Text), “NO NAME” appears. If an MP3/WMA file does not have Tag information or <TAG DISPLAY> is set to <TAG OFF> ( 14), folder name and file name appear. Stop playing and detaching the USB device Straightly pull it out from the unit. “NO USB” appears. Press SOURCE to listen to another playback source. You can operate the USB device in the same way you operate the files on a disc. ( 9) EN02-11_KW-XR411_003A_1.indd 101/8/10 12:03:37 PM11ENGLISH Cautions: • Avoid using the USB device if it might hinder your safety driving. • Do not pull out and attach the USB device repeatedly while “READING” is shown on the display. • Do not start the car engine if a USB device is connected. • This unit may not be able to pla...

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