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s to f/5.6, lenswould be between t/4 and t/5.6; it red arrow points to I/2.8, lens would be between t/2 and t/2.81. Theexact setting will be determined by the individual conditions ineither case. Further, when recycling time islong with partially discharged batteries or if the flash is to bef ired immediately after the moni- tor lamp comes on with fresh orfully charged batteries, the maxi-mum subject distance should beconsidered to be the distance- scale indication opposite the f irst aperture to the left of the onepointed to by the arrow (e.g,, with a film speed of ASA 1OO, themaximum subject distance with the yellow arrow at f /5,6 is 2.8mor 9 ft., as indicated opposite f/g and with the red arrow atf /2.8 ilis 5m or 16 ft., as indicated op-posite f,/4).MANUAL OPERATION 1. With the mode selector at either "Hi" or "Lo" "M" (manual) set- ting, move the power switch to 2. For proper exposure with normal subjects and conditions and the mode selector at "Hi," set the lens aperture on the camera to the f-number that appears opposite the flash-to-subject distance on the Auto/Hi manual aperture scafe (e.9., at t/2.8 tor 7m or 23 ft,, or between f/5.6 and f/8 tor twww.orphancameras.com3m or 1 O ft. at ASA 1 OO etc.). S€t the lens aDerture of the camera using the Lo-manual aperture scale J-numbers when the mode selector is at "Lo" (e,9,, at l/2 lor 3.5m or 12 lt., or between J/4 and f/5,6 for 1.5m or 5 ft. at ASA 100). 3. With the monitor lamp glowing or the XD or XG camera's flash- ready signal blinking (p. 14), re- lease the camera shutter to take the oicture. Flash duration re- mains f ixed at 1/1,0OO sec. f or "Hi" setting and 1/6,000 f or " Lo" setting. NOTE The following apply if you are using reversal-type color Jilm (for slides...

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