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MSI motherboardMSI Driver/Utility CD Round Cable of IDE Devices Back IO ShieldRound Cable of Floppy DiskHardware Setup E-2-1 Chapter 2. Hardware Setup This chapter tells you how to install the CPU, memory modules, and expansion cards, as well as how to setup the jumpers on the mainboard. Also, it provides the instructions on connecting the periph- eral devices, such as the mouse, keyboard, etc. While doing the installation, be careful in holding the compo- nents and follow the installation procedures. Hardware Setup MS-6570E ATX Mainboard E-2-2 Quick Components Guide JBAT1, p.2-23 DDR DIMMs, p.2-6 CPU, p.2-3 CPU_FAN1, p.2-15 FDD1, p.2-15 SATA1/2, p.2-17 IDE1/2, p.2-16 JFP1/2, p.2-18 JUSB1/2, p.2-20 JAUD1, p.2-19 JIR1, p.2-22 J1394_1/2/3, p.2-21 JWR1, p.2-8 Back Panel I/O, p.2-9 JPW1, p.2-8 JLED1, p.2-22 S_FAN2, p.2-15 JCD1, p.2-19 NB_FAN1, p.2-15 S_FAN1, p.2-15 JCI1, p.2-20Hardware Setup E-2-3 Central Processing Unit: CPU MSI Reminds You... Overheating Overheating will seriously damage the CPU and system, always make sure the cooling fan can work properly to protect the CPU from overheating. Replacing the CPU While replacing the CPU, always turn off the ATX power supply or unplug the power supply’s power cord from grounded outlet first to ensure the safety of CPU. Overclocking This motherboard is designed to support overclocking. However, please make sure your components are able to tolerate such abnor- mal setting, while doing overclocking. Any attempt to operate beyond product specifications is not recommended. We do not guarantee the damages or risks caused by inadequate operation or be- yond product specifications. The mainboard supports AMD® Athlon™, Athlon™ XP and Duron™ processors in the 462 pin package...

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