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ions Press1, 2, 3 or PRESET 4or 3until the desired preset station is displayed. AZ 1145/00 page7 PROGRAM REPEATALL CD SEARCH STOP•OPEN SEARCH PLAY RECORD 123 BA NDPRESET PROGRAM REMOTE SENSOR SEARCH SEARCH PLAY RECORD 123 BA NDPRESET PROGRAM REMOTE SENSOR OGRAM EPEATALL CD SEARCH OPEN SEARCH PLAY RECORD 123 BA NDPRESET PROGRAM REMOTE SENSOR FM TUNER STEREO English XP AZ1145/00-1 08-05-2000 15:42 Pagina 7CDPLAYER 8 Playing a CD 1.Select CDsource. ™is displayed briefly. 2.Lift the CD door open. ™Display:when you open the CD door. 3.Insert a CD or CD-R(W) with the printed side facing up and close the CD door. ™Display: d1SCflashes as the CD player scans the contents of a CD. The total number of tracks and playing time are then shown. Display: is shown if the CD-R(W) is blank or not finalised. 4.Press PLAY•PAUSE 2;(on the remote control2;) to start playback. ™Display: Current track number and elapsed playing time of the track during CD playback. 5.To pause playback press PLAY•PAUSE2;. Press PLAY•PAUSE2;again to resume play. ™The display freezes and the elapsed playing time flashes when playback is paused. 6.To stop CD playback, press STOP9. Note:CD play will also stop when: – the CD door is opened; – the CD has reached the end (unless you have selected REPEAT or REPEAT ALL); – you select another source: TAPE / TUNER. Selecting a different track •Press SEARCH8or §(on the remote control¡or ™) once or repeatedly until the desired track number appears in the display. •If you have selected a track number shortly after loading a CD or in the PAUSE position, you will need to press PLAY•PAUSE2;to start playback. Finding a passage within a track 1.Press and hold down SEARCH8or § (on the remote...

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