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ose a volume level between 1 and 20. HF3465: You can choose a volume level between 1 and 10. Note: The volume level you have selected is automatically set as the volume level for the alarm as well. Setting the display brightness 1 Press the MENU button to enter the menu (Fig. 8). 2 Press the menu + or - button to select the display brightness menu (Fig. 9). 3 Press the SELECT button to enter the display brightness menu (Fig. 10). 4 Press the menu + and - button to change the display brightness (Fig. 9). 5 Press SELECT to con?rm (Fig. 10). ENGLISH10Cleaning and maintenance Never use scouring pads, abrasive cleaning agents or aggressive liquids such as petrol or acetone to clean the appliance. Regularly remove dust from the outside of the appliance with a dry cloth. 1 Unplug the appliance before you clean it. 2 Clean the outside of the appliance with a dry cloth. Do not let water run into the appliance or spill water onto the appliance (Fig. 3). Replacement Except for the lamp, the appliance does not contain any serviceable parts. The lamp has to be replaced when it stops burning or when the light output decreases (also see chapter ‘Important’). You must replace the lamp with a Philips Halogen lamp, 100W, 12V, GY6.35. Only this lamp provides the correct light intensity. Note: This appliance has been designed to be used with self-shielded lamps only (Fig. 23). For more information, see chapter ‘Guarantee and Service’. Replacing the lamp 1 Unplug the appliance before you replace the lamp. 2 Let the appliance cool down for approx. 15 minutes. 3 Unlock the top cover of the appliance by pressing it and turning it anticlockwise, until the O symbol on the top cover is aligned with the symbol 1 on the lamp housing. (Fig. 24...

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