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time is now set. Switching off the alarm To switch off the alarm function, push up the control lever to the top position. Note: The lamp stays on. You can switch off the lamp by pressing the top function selector. Note: The alarm (sound and/or light) automatically switches off after 90 minutes. Setting the alarm sound See section ‘Menu functions of middle function selector (SET)’ above. You can choose one of the following sounds: -Music from your iPod/iPhone (see section ‘Using your iPpod/iPhone as alarm sound’ below) (Fig. 14). -Radio (Fig. 15) -Birds (Fig. 16) -Beep (Fig. 17) -African jungle (Fig. 18) -Wind chimes (Fig. 19) Using your iPpod/iPhone as alarm sound 1 Select a wake-up song (or album/playlist) on your iPod/iPhone. ,this song starts playing. 2 Set your iPod/iPhone to pause position or switch it off. ,When you have selected your iPod/iPhone as alarm sound, the paused song starts playing at the set alarm time. Note: If the iPod/iPhone is unable to play the selected song, you hear the bird alarm sound of the Wake- up Light at the set alarm time Snoozing 1 Push down the control lever to the bottom position when the alarm goes off. (Fig. 20) ,The lamp continues to be on at the selected intensity level, but the alarm sound stops. After 9 minutes, the wake-up sound is automatically played again. Note: The 9-minute snooze time is ?xed. This time cannot be adjusted. Note: If you push down the control lever with too much force, it may jump back to off position. ENGLISH10Alarm demonstration If you want to get a quick demonstration (60 seconds) of the gradually increasing light level and sound level, activate the test function of the appliance. 1 Push the control lever down to the bottom position for a few second...

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