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ght –in damp or wet areas –in extremely hot or cold areas –in places where there is vibration or other movement –in places that are very dusty –in places that have hot fumes or oils (such as a kitchen) 6 ??? 2009?4?6? ??? ??2?35?Connections02 7 En English FrançaisDeutschNederlandsItalianoEspañol Chapter 2:Connections Making cable connections Make sure not to bend the cables over the top of this unit (as shown in the illustration), since the magnetic field produced by the unit’s transformers may cause a humming noise in the speakers. Important •Before making or changing any connections, switch off the power and disconnect the power cord from the AC outlet. Connecting antennas Connect the AM loop antenna and FM antenna as shown in the illustration (page8). To improve reception and sound quality, connect external antennas1 (See Connecting external antennas on page20). Note 1Do not disconnect the AM loop antenna even if an external AM antenna is used. 7 ??? 2009?4?3? ??? ??1?45?Connections02 8 En 1Pull off the protective shields of both AM antenna wires. 2Push open the tabs, then insert one wire fully into each terminal, then release the tabs to secure the AM antenna wires. 3Fix the AM loop antenna to the attached stand. To fix the stand to the antenna, bend in the direction indicated by the arrow (fig. A) then clip the loop onto the stand (fig. B). •If you plan to mount the AM antenna to a wall or other surface, secure the stand with screws (fig. C) before clipping the loop to the stand. Make sure the reception is clear. 4Place the AM loop antenna on a flat surface, pointing in the direction that produces best reception. Don’t let it come into contac...

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