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e current capacity of the wire will be exceeded, causing overheating. •Never replace the fuse with one of greater value or rating than the original fuse. Use of an improp- er fuse could result in overheating and smoke and could cause damage to the product and injury including burns. Speaker ChannelSpeakerTypePower Four-channelSubwooferNominal input: Min.70 W Other than subwooferMax. input: Min.150 W Two-channelSubwooferNominal input: Min.200W Other than subwooferMax. input: Min.600 W Three-channelSubwooferNominal input: Min.70W Speaker output AOther than subwooferMax. input: Min.150 W Three-channelSubwooferNominal input: Min.200W Speaker output BOther than subwooferMax. input: Min.600 W CAUTION: To prevent damage and/or injury •Do not ground the speaker wire directly or con- nect a negative (–) lead wire for several speakers. •This unit is for vehicles with a 12-volt battery and negative grounding. Before installing it in a recre- ational vehicle, truck or bus, check the battery voltage. •If the car stereo is kept on for a long time while the engine is at rest or idling, the battery may go dead. Turn the car stereo off when the engine is at rest or idling. •If the system remote control wire of the amplifier is connected to the power terminal through the ignition switch (12 VDC), the amplifier will always be on when the ignition is on— regardless of whether the car stereo is on or off. Because of this, the battery could go dead if the engine is at rest or idling. •Speakers to be connected to the amplifier should conform with the standards listed below. If they do not conform, they may catch fire, emit smoke or become damaged. The speaker impedance must be 2 to 8 ohms. But in case of two-channel and other bridge connections, the spe...

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