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h a normal wash program. Remove all metal dishware, such as cutlery, pans, etc., from the dishwasher. Do not add detergent. Pour two cups of vinegar into a bowl and set the bowl face up on the lower rack of the dishwasher. Run the dishes through a normal wash program. If this doesn't work, try the same process with 1 / 4 cup of citric acid crystals instead of vinegar. Use only detergent specifically made for use in dishwashers. Keep your detergent fresh and dry. Don't put powder detergent into the dispenser until youare ready to wash dishes. RINSE AID DISPENSER The rinse aid is released during the final rinse to prevent water from forming droplets on your dishes that can leave spots and streaks. It also improves drying by allowing water to "sheet" off the dishes. Our dishwashers are designed to use liquid rinse aids. The rinse aid dispenser is located inside the door next to the detergent dispenser. To fill the dispenser, open the cap and pour the rinse aid into the dispenser until the level indicator turns completely black. The dispenser holds about 100 ml of liquid rinse aid. Be careful not to overfill the dispenser, because this could cause over sudsing. Wipe away any spills with a damp cloth. Don't forget to replace the cap before you close the dishwasher door. If you have soft water, you may not need rinse aid as it may cause a white film to develop on your dishes. To open the dispenser, turn the cap to the "open" (left) arrow and lift it out. Pour the rinse aid into the dispenser, being careful not to overfill. Replace the cap by inserting it aligned with "open" arrow and turning it to the "close" (right) arrow. SCALE SCALE 1.0001.000 WARNING! The dispenser must be refilled...

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