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he corresponding zone will have the dot flashing. If the timer is set but not active on any zone, it will work simply as timer countdown. 2. When time elapses, the relevant cooking zone is switched off. 3. After setting the timer, the timing indicator has been flashing for 5 seconds, the set time will be automatically confirmed.     5GB 4. In timer mode, pressing the "+" or "-" key of the timer simultaneously, timer setting returns to"0", time is cancelled. Safety mode Special function SIMMERING keyMEDIUM keyHIGH key(level 1)(level 8)(level 15) Ativate the selected zone by pushing "+" or "-". Unlock: Lock: To ensure the safety of children, the induction hob is fitted with an interlock device. In working mode, press the " " key, the hob then goes into the lock mode, timer will display " " and the rest of the keys are disabled except the " " key. In standby mode, press the "lock" key, the hob then goes into the lock mode, the timer shows" " and the rest of the keys are disabled.The timer shows" " for a while and then goes out. If you press the key, " " will be displayed for a while. Hold down the"Lock" key for 3 second, and the lock function will be deactivate. Memory function Recording " ", recording is started. Stop recording OR You can use the memory function to store the power level settings and duration for one zone. Select the desired cooking zone by pressing the "+" or "-" key, with the power level indicator of that zone flashing, press the" " key...

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