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the Start Button (6) in the models with this button. The oven will start working. CAUTION: at the end of the cooking process turn the Timer Button (5) to zero, otherwise the oven will start when the door is closed. Note: 1. To stop the oven before the programmed time, rotate the Timer Button (5) to zero or open the door. 2. While the oven is working, you may change the timer, the power level or the function, by rotating the respective buttons. 9 Using the Browning Plate Normally when cooking food, such as pizzas or pies, on a grill or in a microwave oven, the dough or pastry becomes soggy. This can be avoided by using a browning plate. As a high temperature is reached quickly on the bottom of the browning plate, the crust turns crisp and brown. The browning plate can also be used for bacon, eggs, sausages, etc. VERY IMPORTANT NOTES: - Use oven gloves at all times as the browning plate will become very hot. - Never place the browning plate in the oven without the glass plate. - Do not place any recipients on the browning plate that are not heat-resistant (plastic bowls for example). How to cook with the browning plate: 1. Preheat the browning plate by selecting the Microwave function for 3 to 5 minutes with a 70% microwaves power level. 2. Brush the plate with oil in order to brown the food nicely. 3. Place the food on the browning plate. You can place defrost food (like frozen pizza) without a previous defrosting. 4. Place the browning plate on the glass turntable in the microwave oven. 5. Select the MICROWAVE function and the cooking time as described above. How to clean the browning plate The best way to clean the browning plate is to wash it with hot water and de...

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