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ls centered on electrodes Toes may overhang measuring platform Note:An accurate reading will not be possible if the soles of your feet are not clean, or if your knees are bent or you are in a sitting position. Handling Tips This monitor is a precision instrument utilizing state-of-the-art technology. To keep the unit in the best condition, follow these instructions carefully: ?Do not attempt to disassemble the measuring platform. ?Store the unit horizontally, and place it so that the buttons will not be pressed accidentally. ?Avoid excessive impact or vibration to the unit. ?Place the unit in an area free from direct sunlight, heating equipment, high humidity, or extreme temperature change. ?Never submerge in water. Use alcohol to clean the electrodes and glass cleaner (applied to a cloth first) to keep them shiny; avoid soaps. ?Do not step on the platform when wet. ?Do not drop any objects onto the platform. GETTING ACCURATE READINGS To ensure accuracy, readings should be taken without clothing and under consistent conditions of hydration. If you do not undress, always remove your socks or stockings, and be sure the soles of your feet are clean before stepping on the measuring platform. Be sure that your heels are correctly aligned with the electrodes on the measuring platform. Don't worry if your feet appear too large for the unit - accurate readings can still be obtained if your toes overhang the platform. It is best to take readings at the same time of day. Try to wait about three hours after rising, eating, or hard exercise before taking measurements. While readings taken under other conditions may not have the same absolute values, they are accurate for determining the percentage of change as long as the readings are taken in a co...

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