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ill be displayed. Every incoming number is saved in the Call List with indication of date and time. In standby mode the number of received calls is shown on the display ‘ALL CALLS 000 (always English). The new message LED will blink until you have checked all New messages. 6.2.1 Scrolling through the Call List You can scroll through the Call list by pressing the Up - or Down button. If no button is pressed within 15 seconds, you will return to standby mode. 6.2.2 Calling a number from the Call List •Select the desired telephone number. •Press the Dial button . The number will be dialled automatically in handsfree mode. If you want to dial the long pre?x (see 4.5), press the dial button twice. •Pick up the handset if you want to communicate over the handset. 6.2.3 Erasing numbers from the Call List a)Erasing one number •Select the number you wish to erase. •Press the Erase button briefly. “ERASED” appears on the display. •The next number in the call list is displayed. b) Erasing the entire Call List •Enter the Call List and select a number not indicated with VIP (see 6.3) •Press the Erase button for 2 seconds , “ALL ERASED“ appears on the display. When erasing the entire call list, VIP numbers will remain saved (see 6.3). 6.3 VIP list Numbers can be protected to be removed out of the call list when selecting ‘erase all’. Therefore the number must be assigned as VIP. All VIP numbers are visible in the Call list, but can also be checked in a separate VIP list. 6.3.1 Assigning a number to the VIP list. •Scroll through the Call list by pressing the Up or Down button. •Press the VIP button. The VIP icon will be displayed. 6.3.2 Selecting and calling a number from the VIP List •Press the VIP...

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