Notice AMANA LD510P

Notice AMANA LD510P

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Le groupe d'entraide AMANA LD510P vous donne des conseils d'utilisation, solutions aux problèmes de fonctionnement, entretien et assistance pour votre Micro ondes. Rejoignez GRATUITEMENT notre groupe d'entraide LD510P pour vous aider à mieux utiliser votre Micro ondes AMANA. Le SAV entre consommateurs donne accès à différents services pour votre AMANA LD510P : accès à la notice LD510P et mode d'emploi pdf, manuel d'utilisation en français, avis consommateur et forum actif. Soyez le premier membre actif de ce groupe d'entraide.


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« nilla 3. Precinto de la puerta 4.Sistema de cierre de seguridad 5.Cuadro de mandos 6.Plataforma de cristal 7.Soporte de giro E 23 GBP4 MICROWAVE OVEN OWNER’S MANUALPlease read this Owner’s Manual thoroughly before operating. DP17 BETRIEBSANLEITUNG FÜR DEN MIKROWELLENHERDVor der Inbetriebnahme sollte die Betriebsanleitung aufmerksamdurchgelesen werden. FP29 NOTICE D’UTILISATION DU FOUR Á MICRO-ONDESVeuillez lire avec attention cette notice d’utilisation avant la mise enfonction. NLP41 MICROWAVE OVEN GEBRUIKERSHANDLEIDINGLees de gebruiksaanwijzingen grondig voor het in gebruik nemen van hetapparaat. IP53 MANUALE PER L’USO DEL FORNO A MICROONDESi prega di leggere a fondo questo manuale prima dell’uso. EP65 MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONES DEL HORNO MICROONDASPor favor lea detalladamente este manual antes de utilizar este aparato.Installation WARNING: THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED The oven cannot be operated with the door open due to the safety interlocks built in the door mechanism which switch off cooking functions when the door is opened. Operating the oven with the door open could result in harmful exposure to microwave energy. It is important not to tamper with the door mechanism. Do not place any object between the oven front face and the door or allow soil or cleaner residue to accumulate on sealing surfaces. Do not operate the oven if it is damaged. It is particularly important that the oven door closes properly and that there is no damage to the (1) door (bent), (2) hinges and latches (broken or loosened), (3) door seals and sealing surfaces. The oven should not be adjusted or repaired by anyone except qualified service personnel. PRECAUTIONS TO AVOID POSSIBLE EXPOSURE TO EXCESSIVE MICROWAVE ENERGY WARNING When heating liquids, e.g. soups, sauces and beverages in your microwave oven, delayed eruptive boiling can occur without evidence of bubbling. This could result in a sudden boil over of the hot liquid. To prevent this possibility the following steps should be taken: 1.Avoid using straight-sided containers with narrow necks. 2.Do not overheat. 3.Stir the liquid before placing the container in the oven and again halfway through the heating time. 4.After heating, allow to stand in the oven for a short time. Stir or shake the contents (especially feeding bottles and baby foods) and carefully check the temperature before use. 1.Remove all packing materials and accessories. 2.Place the oven on a level surface a minimum of 85cm above the floor with at least 30cm above and 10cm rear space to allow adequate ventilation. The side of the oven should be kept clear so there is air flow for ventilation. The front of the oven should be at least 8cm from the edge of the surface to prevent tipping. An exhaust outlet is located on top or side of the oven. Blocking the outlet can damage the oven. 3.Plug your oven into a standard voltage household outlet. Ensure that the electrical circuit is at least 13 amps and that the oven is the only appliance on the circuit. (• For commercial use only.) The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code: Blue - Neutral Brown - Live Green and Yellow - Earth If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid hazard. 4 ! ! GBPrecautions •Do not operate the oven when empty. It is best to leave a glass of water in the oven when not in use. T... »

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