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« source unit should be tied directly to the wire harness provided with the amplifier. Note : When speaker level inputs are used, a remote turn on wire must used to switch the ampli?er on and o?. EBC Port (External Bass Control) - The Remote Subwoofer Level Control (EBC) plugs directly into this port, while the EBC itself can be placed anywhere in the vehicle for on demand bass adjustments. EBC is included. RCA Inputs - These RCA inputs are used with source units that have RCA or Line level outputs. (Source units need a minimum level of 100mV output for proper operation of the ampli?er). MTX recommends only high quality twisted pair cables (such as StreetWires) to decrease the possibility of radi- ated noise entering the system. Gain Control - The gain control matches the input sensitivity of the amplifier to the source unit being used. The operating range varies from 100mv to 6V. Adjusting the gain 1. Turn the gain control on the ampli?er all the way down (counter clockwise). 2. Turn up the volume control on the source unit to approximately 3/4 of maximum. 3. Adjust the gain control on the ampli?er until audible distortion occurs. 4. Adjust the gain control down until audible distortion disappears. 5. The ampli?er is now calibrated to the output of the source unit. Low Pass X-Over Frequency Control - Used to select the desired low-pass (LP) x-over frequency. The frequency is adjustable from 50Hz to 200Hz.. Protection LED - When the amps is in thermal protection, the LED turns to red. PowerOn LED - The LED illuminates red when the amp is switched on.(+12V) Power Terminal - This is the main power input for the ampli?er and must be connected directly to the positive terminal of the vehicles battery for proper operation. Use caution when installing (+12V) power cable in the vehicle. Avoid running this cable parallel with RCA cables, antennas, or other sensitive equipment due to massive currents that can induce noise into the audio system. It is also very important to have a tight, secure con- nection for maximum performance. MTX recommends using a minimum of 6mm2 full copper power wire with the MTX RT8PT powered tube. Remote Terminal – The powered tube can be turned on by applying 12 volts to this terminal. Typically this voltage is supplied by a wire from the source unit marked “remote” or “power antenna”. Ground Terminal – A proper ground is required for your ampli?er to operate at peak performance. A short ground cable the same diameter as the power cable should be used to attach the ground terminal directly to the chassis of the vehicle. Always remove paint, dirt or debris to expose bare metal where the ground will be attached. Fuses - When the fuse blows, replace it with the same value. The RT8PT uses a 20A fuse. Caution : Never use a higher rated fuse ! Installation & Mounting MTX recommends your new RoadTHUNDER powered tube to be installed by an Authorized MTX retailer. Any deviation from specified installation instructions can cause serious damage to the amplifier, speakers and/or vehicles electrical system. Damage caused from improper installation is NOT covered under warranty. Please verify all connections prior to turn on your system ! 1. Disconnect the vehicle’s negative battery cable. 2. Determine the mounting place for your MTX powered enclosure. Hook it with the provided belts. Keep in mind there should be sufficient air flow for proper cooling. 3. Install a positive... »

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