Notice D-LINK DSR-250N

Notice D-LINK DSR-250N

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« DSR-250N Wireless Services Router Appliance. -One (1) 12V/1.5A Power Adapter -One (1) Console Cable (RJ45-to-DB9 Cable) -One (1) Ethernet (CAT5 UTP/Straight Through) Cable -One (1) Reference CD (CD-ROM containing product documentation in PDF format) -Two (2) Detachable Omni-direction antennas . ItemFeatureDescription ALED (Top to bottom) Power LED: Indicates the Services Router is powered on. 2.4GHz WLAN LED: A solid light indicates that the wireless segment is ready. This LED blinks during wireless data transmission. BUSB Port (1)It can support various USB 1.1 or 2.0 devices below: 1.Flash Disk or Hard Disk for network sharing. 2.WCN Con?guration (It will be supported by future ?rmware upgrade) 3.Printer (It will be supported by future ?rmware upgrade) CWPS ButtonWi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) System is a simpli?ed method for securing your wireless network during the “Initial setup” as well as the “Add New Device” processes. Please refer to the user manual for more detail process. DGigabit LAN port (1-8) Connect Ethernet devices, such as computers, switches and hubs. EGigabit WAN port (1) One auto MDI/MDIX WAN ports are the connection for the Ethernet cable to the cable or DSL modem. FConsole Port (1)Used to access Command Line Interface (CLI) via RJ45-to-DB9 console Cable. Table 1: DSR-250N Front Panel Descriptions Device Status LEDs and Ethernet Port LEDs The device LEDs show information about current device status. When the device power up, the POWER/STATUS LED will show solid orange during power on process. Startup takes one minute approximately to complete, the LED will change to solid green. If you want to turn the device off and on again, we recommend you wait a few seconds between shutting it down and powering it back. The Ethernet LEDs show the status of each Ethernet port. Table 2 lists the name, color, status and description of each device LED. Figure 2. Ethernet RJ-45 Port LEDs TX/RX Status Link Speed DSR-250N Front Panel Product Overview Figure 1: DSR-250N Front Panel This chapter provides detailed descriptions of the DSR-250N device and its components. FDACEBD-Link Wireless N Services Router ? 3 ENGLISHLED Indicators ColorStatusDescription Power / Status Orange/ Green Solid Orange Device during power-on process Solid GreenCompletion of power on Blinking Orange Device is crashed and under recovery mode Blinking Green The system is defective, such ?rmware upgrades fail. Light OffThe device is power-off 2.4GHz WLAN GreenSteady Green The link is good Blinking Green There is activity on this port Light OffNo link WPSBlueBlinking Blue Start to process Solid BlueThe connection is successfully established Light OffNo Link. TX/RX Status GreenLight OffNo Link. Solid GreenLink present. Blinking Green Port is sending or receiving data. LINK Speed Green/ Orange Light OffPort is operating at 10Mbps. Solid GreenPort is operating at 100Mbps Solid Orange Port is operating at 1000MbpsConnecting Power and Turn the Device On/Off DSR-250N Default Interface Settings Table 2: Device Status LED Descriptions Installing and Connecting the Device This chapter describes how to connect cables and power to the device. Before You Begin Observe the following precautions to help prevent shutdowns, equipment failures and injuries: -Before inst... »

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