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Notice PHILIPS Essence HD7622

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PHILIPS Essence HD7622

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Manuel/Notice/Mode d'emploi | 197 K | Français

« corresponds to the mains voltage in your home before you connect the appliance. 2Put the appliance on a cool, flat and stable surface. Do not put the appliance on a hot surface 3Remove the red transportation clip (a) before you start using the appliance Keep the appliance out of the reach of children and make sure that they are unable to pull at the cord. Flushing the appliance.. 1Put the plug in an earthed wall socket. 2You can store excess cord at the back of the appliance (fig. 1). Prevent the cord from coming into contact with hot surfaces. 3Fill the water tank with water and put the jug in place (fig. 2). Thermos jug: When you operate the appliance without ground coffee in the filter, do not fill the water tank beyond the 9-cup mark, otherwise the jug will overflow. 4Switch the appliance on by pressing the on/off button (fig. 3). The pilot light goes on. Let the appliance run until the water tank is completely empty. 5Switch the appliance off after use (fig. 4). Clean the removable parts as described in the section 'Cleaning'. Brewing coffee.. Active Balance System The Active Balance System helps you determine the right balance between ground coffee and water. Before using the Active Balance System, please note the following: Strength selector Types HD7622, HD7624, HD7626, HD7634, HD7636. 1Set the strength of your coffee by means of the strength selector knob (b). If you prefer mild coffee, turn the knob to the left. If you prefer strong coffee, turn the knob to the right (fig. 5). Make sure the filter holder is in place when selecting the strength of your coffee. Reset function 2Put the system in balance by means of the 'OK' knob (c). The indicator of the Active Balance System (d) can be put in 'OK' position by turning the 'OK' knob to the left or to the right (fig. 6). When putting the system in balance, make sure that: -the filter holder is in place; -the appliance does not contain any water and/or ground coffee. 3First fill the water tank with water. The indicator of the Active Balance System goes up (fig 7). -The level indications apply to cups with a content of 120 ml. -The level indications on the jug apply to an amount of water that is 10% more than the total amount of coffee after brewing. This extra 10% is needed to compensate for evaporation. 4Put a paper filter (type 1x4 or no.4) in the filter holder (fig. 8). Do not forget to fold the sealed edges of the filter in order to prevent tearing and folding. Some versions come with a permanent filter. In this case you do not need to use a paper filter. 5Then fill the filter holder with coffee (filter-fine grind) until the indicator of the Active Balance System has reached the 'OK' position (fig. 9) and switch the appliance on. 6Close the lid (fig. 10). Switching the appliance on or off.. 1Switch the appliance on by pressing the on/off button (fig. 3). 2Switch the appliance off after use (fig. 4). -Types HD7624, HD7626: If you have not switched the appliance off, the appliance will automatically switch itself off after two hours (auto switch-off). -Types HD7634, HD7636: The appliance will switch itself off automatically (auto switch-off) after brewing coffee. 3Remove the paper filter and throw it away (fig. 11-12). If you have used a permanent filter, you can simply empty it, rinse it and use it again. Let the appliance cool down for at least 3 minutes before you start brewing coffee again. Cleaning.. 1Unplug t... »

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