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Notice SAITEK X52 Pro Flight System

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SAITEK X52 Pro Flight System

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« iew; select from multiple view perspectives and assign frequently used commands. General Features Backlighting Illuminated buttons and Multi-Function Display (MFD) - ideal for low light environments, guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. Adjust brightness via Windows control panel. Metal parts Part metal construction for increased durability and maximum comfort during extended gameplay. Mode selector switch 3-position rotary switch with tri- state LED to indicate program mode. SAITEK X52 FLIGHT CONTROLSYSTEM - PRODUCT TOUR Joystick X52 manual(ok)(24/11/04) 2004.12.22 9:05 PM Page 35 ENGLISH 4 GETTING STARTED In order for this product to function correctly please install the drivers on the CD supplied with this product. INSTALLATION FOR USERS OF WINDOWS¨ XP A) Drivers Only For Typical Users 1With your computer switched on, close down any programs that are currently running and insert the Saitek Smart Technology CD into your CD-ROM drive. 2When the Introduction Screen appears, click Install Softwareto continue. If the CD does not run automatically, select Startfrom the Windows¨ Taskbar, then Runand type D:\Setup.exe and click OK - where D:\ is the letter of your CD-ROM drive. 3When the Welcome screen appears, click Nextto continue. 4After reading the Disclaimer, select the I accept the terms of the Disclaimeroption and click Nextto continue. 5At the Driver Setup screen, if you havenÕt already done so, plug in your controller and click on Next. 6At the Driver Setup screen, click Nextto test your controller. 7When the Saitek Controller screen appears, try out all your controllerÕs buttons and controls to show that it is working properly. When you have finished, click OK. For more information on the use of the control panel, please see the Maintaining your Controller Settingssection of this manual. 8At the Software Setupscreen, select Do not install the SST Programming Softwareand click Next.The Programming Software can be installed at a later date by following instruction (B). below 9At the Registration screen, select Check this box to register nowand follow the on-screen instructions, or you can choose to select this option later. 10Click on Finishto complete the installation. Multi-Function Display (MFD) screen indicates: Mode and shift state Mode state is determined by mode selector on the head of the stick. User defined Text area - indicates name of command assigned to button when activated. - supplies name of profile in use and enables on-the-fly profile selection. Profile can also be changed during gameplay by pressing clutch button and scrolling though available profiles moving the point- of-view hat switch up and down. Move the same button left to clear current profile or right to activate profile. Multi Time Displays Time zone(set origin and destination local times in control panel) Formattable date/month/time Stopwatchfor flight time Throttle 2 Fire Buttons Conveniently positioned on throttle head for instant access in the heat of the battle. Progressive throttle control Super smooth action with metal tension adjustment and detents for programming idle (0-20%) and afterburner (80-100%) settings. Mouse controller, which can also function as a hat switch. 8-way hat switch: Select from multiple view perspectives and assign frequently used commands. Two rotaries provide axes for pitch, trim and yaw settings. Clutch (I) Button Initiates 'safe mode... »

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