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:Este aparelho, dispõe de um dispositivo de segurança que desliga, automaticamente, no caso de sobreaquecimento acidental. Se isto ocorrer, desligue o aparelho, desligue os interruptores e espere uns 15 minutos até que arrefeça. Quando o aparelho arrefecer, elimine a causa do sobreaquecimento e ponha-o novamente a funcionar. Se, todavia, observa que o aparelho continua a não funcionar com normalidade, leve-o ao serviço de assistência técnico autorizado mais próximo. interior 5/4/04 15:40 Página 35 EN 1. DESCRIPTION (FIG.1) 1.Thermostat. 2.Switches. 3.Air outlet grille. 4.Handle. 5.Fan air outlet grille. 6.Stand. 7.Cable. 8.Front panel. 9.Air intake grille. 2. ASSEMBLING THE STANDS Place the appliance face down on a soft surface (such as a rug or carpet) in order to avoid scratching. Loosen the central screw from the stand niche. (Fig. 2). Insert the wings into the grooves provided and fit the stands into place, as shown in the illustration Fig. 3. Secure by tightening the screw. (Fig. 4). Do not switch the appliance on until the stands have been properly assembled. Thermostat When the temperature in the room has reached the required level, slowly turn the thermostat control in an anticlockwise direction until you hear a click. The thermostat will then maintain the established temperature. In spring or autumn, or on days that are not especially cold, press only one switch for extra low energy consumption. 1. Antifreeze setting Turn the thermostat control to and set the function selector to position 2. The appliance will now maintain a room temperature aprox of 5ºC, thereby preventing ice from forming with minimum energy consumption. Fan The fan option provides extra quick heating as it accelerates the spre...

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