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2 and SOLID 4 amplifiers are compatible with an impedance load between 2 and 4 Ohms. The SOLID 1 amplifier can take an impedance load between 1 and 4 Ohms. Use a wire with 1.5mm2 minimum gauge. Connect the speaker(s) to the SPEAKER terminals of the amplifier respecting polarities (fig. I to R). Positive power supply wire length 0-1m1-2m2-3m3-4m4-5m5-6m SOLID 16mm2 / 9AWG* 8mm2 / 8AWG 16mm2 / 5AWG 20mm2 / 4AWG 25mm2 / 3AWG 35mm2 / 2AWG SOLID 22,5mm2 / 13AWG 6mm2 / 9 AWG 8mm2 / 8 AWG 10mm2 / 7 AWG 16mm2 / 5 AWG 16mm2 / 5 AWG SOLID 46mm2 / 9AWG 10mm2 / 7AWG 16mm2 / 5AWG 20mm2 / 4AWG 25mm2 / 3AWG 35mm2 / 2AWG solid.indd 919/05/08 14:54:1110SOLID AMPLIFIERUser manual 2.7) Connect the ground supply wire to the battery Make sure once more that all the previous steps of the installation have been respected. Check the state of connection of the different wires on the amplifier, the fuse-box as well as the battery. If all is correctly plugged-in, end the installation by connecting the ground supply wire to the vehicle battery. 3) Setting of your audio system 3.1) GAIN setting (from the amplifier potentiometer or via the remote control) Increasing the input GAIN value doesn’t mean more power, but rather more noise. The GAIN setting is not a power setting. The SOLID amplifiers are provided with an adjustable GAIN. This potentiometer permits to make the signal input tension vary between 200mV and 5V in order to make the amplifier input tension correspond to the source output tension. It is often better to rise the output level of the source to its “maximum”. It means that you have to find the maximum output level of the head unit before any audible distortion appears. Once it is done, it is also bett...

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