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in the following figure. 5 1.4.4 To install the back cover To install the back cover, refer to the following figure and steps. 1. Install the back cover. 2. Fold the bracket. 1.5 Turning the tablet on or off 1.5.1 To turn the tablet on Before you turn the tablet on, ensure that the SIM card has been correctly installed and that the battery is correctly installed or the tablet has been properly connected to the power supply. To turn the tablet on, press and hold the Power key for about two seconds. 1.5.2 PIN protection If your SIM card is preset with a PIN, the tablet prompts you to enter the PIN. The PIN may have been provided by your service provider with 6 your SIM card. If you lost it, consult your service provider. 1.5.3 To turn the tablet off 1. Press and hold Power key to open the Tablet options menu. 2. Touch Power off. 3. Touch OK to assure you want to turn your tablet off in the dialog that opens. 1.6 Charging the battery Before charging the battery, ensure that the battery is properly installed on your tablet. To charge the battery, you can connect the tablet to the power supply through the power adapter, as shown in the following figure. 1.7 Working with the keys You can enjoy a variety of functions and shortcuts by using the physical keys in addition to the soft buttons. Power - Press to turn on the tablet when it is off. - Press to turn off and lock the screen when the tablet is on. And press again to turn on the screen. - Press and hold to open a menu with options for Silent mode, Airplane mode, and for powering off the tablet. Home 7 - Press to open the Home screen. If you are viewing the extensions to the Home screen, it returns to the...

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